Announcing the publication of

The Magical Princess

By Susan Michele Moll

The Magical Princess is an inspiring children's story that takes place on Maui and introduces some Hawaiian language. It is about a Princess and a grumpy old woman called Bella, who becomes the Princess' ally after magically transforming, whilst sitting on the garden wall simply observing the Princess. Bella visits the Princess and they begin their adventure by inviting parents and children to tea parties, to play games, share ideas, and by spreading the spirit of Aloha to their community. They strive to live better lives, helping birth a bright and beautiful New Earth. Assisted by inspiring children all over the world they create Circles of Love and Light for Peace on Earth on December 21, 2012.

The Magical Princess is a series of beautiful spiritual books that will inspire others to make changes within themselves that affect the whole planet. It's that important! We are the creators of our reality and it is up to us to create the world we wish to live in.

Paperback: 5 x 7 - 60 Pages - $7.99 - Release Date: 2013-11-12

Susan is mother of three children and is a spiritual intuitive that has been sharing her gifts for many years and has elevated her work to a level of mastery through many trainings and seminars. Her private sessions and seminars enable an almost instantaneous connection to the higher self and her books are written from this higher state of consciousness. She shares and teaches with love and compassion through her example and life experience. The last few years she has helped care for the elderly, assisting them to pass peacefully to the higher realms. She loves and has a very deep connection and purpose with children.

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Following is one chapter from the book:

The Third Garden Party

 After a magical week, the day of the third garden party arrived. Everyone who came had a wonderful time playing, sharing, and being together. During the afternoon, the princess asked everyone to share their vision of the future and how they had contributed in some small way to making positive changes in their life. Everyone brought forth their visions and the changes made, including how much better they all felt after drinking more water and bathing frequently in the ocean or pools. The children had some very unusual and unique ideas that everyone enjoyed. 

  A little girl called Pua told everyone that she had started recycling all of the family’s plastic, glass, tins, and cardboard that they would take to their local recycling center every few weeks. Her efforts had already reduced the amount of trash they collected in one week by half. Her ultimate goal was to have plastic banned from being used on earth altogether and to use only natural products. 

  Another little boy called Peter told Juliana that he had started going ’round to the elderly people in his community, asking if he could help them in any way. He reported that he was able to rescue an old lady’s cat that had got stuck up a tree. He had rushed home to get his father to help him. Peter would like to start a monthly gathering of neighbors so that everyone could support each other. 

  Another girl called Maria said she had gone around to all the parents of the children in the neighborhood who attended her school, asking if they would be interested in carpooling to school to save gasoline and the environment. She managed to organize a group of four children whose parents would take turns driving them to school and picking them up daily. Her goal was to help save the environment, and she hoped that one day, in the not too far distant future, there would only be vehicles run on solar power, water, or some other kind of noninvasive energy! 

  A brother and sister called Kekane and Lolitta started helping their mother and father at home. They were members of a very large family, and there was a lot to be taken care of in the house and garden. They enjoyed helping the family and making life easier for everyone concerned. It gave their parents some spare time, so they were able to spend the day at the beach on Sunday, which everyone enjoyed! 

  Another little girl called Susie told her parents that she no longer wanted to eat meat. She loved animals and did not enjoy eating her friends! She hoped that one day most people would become vegetarians. 

  A boy called Keoke started preparing a corner of the family garden so that they could grow their own organic vegetables, live healthier, and save money at the same time! He was aware that most of the toxins used in pesticides and The Magical Princess fertilizers were extremely harmful to human beings and animals alike. He envisioned Maui becoming completely organic and self-sustainable. 

  The time had come for Toby to share his particular vision. Toby began to explain how he had suggested to his schoolteacher that they have a meeting once a week where everyone in the class could share the positive changes they made during the week and what their particular goal for the future was and how each one of them intended to help create a better reality. They would begin the following week with an open meeting. 

  The last one to share was a boy called Harry. He had started collecting tins of food to take to the local food bank. He asked his schoolteacher if everyone could bring one tin or packet of food to share with those less fortunate than themselves. Everyone in the class donated something, and he took everything to the food bank with his mother at the end of the week. Harry’s goal was to eliminate world hunger and to start sharing everything with one another. 

  The princess made notes of everyone’s efforts and ideas. After hearing what Toby had to say, all of the children decided they wanted to start working as a team to really begin making a difference and changing how life was lived on earth.Toby also explained that he knew why he was here and that his purpose was to inspire others to make positive changes too. When Toby had finished, everyone wanted to know what their purpose was, and they all wanted to make friends with Toby! It was time for their closing circle, so the princess promised that next week they would continue with their project and that she would teach them all to go inside their hearts and connect with the Creator, Mother Earth, and with their own inner voice, God, Ke Akua, so that they too could discover what their purpose was. 




from Mother Mary, The One Being

and Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, Agartha

that Inform & Enlighten Us to Awaken Fully Now!

Communications through

Susan Michele Moll & Mirra Rose

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Aloha Everyone,

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Much love and many blessings , Sue


August 22, 2015

Beloved ones, we greet you this day and salute you from a place of unconditional love, and honor your individual processes at this time. We know there is much a- foot upon your planet, and at times it is not always easy to stay centered and focused upon the good and that which you desire. There have been times such as these in the past, but none as powerful and energy packed as these days that are here now.

Extreme fluxes of divine light and energy are entering your planet on a daily basis and it is, to say the least, not always easy to accommodate this intense light and energy into your physical vehicles. Trust in the innate wisdom of your soul. Allow your soul and body elementals to guide you and let you know what is needed in this moment for you. Is it rest, play or simply being quiet and drawing in these energies to anchor them beneath your feet and to the core of the Earth? Follow your feelings, follow your intuition and you will be doing exactly what is most called for in every now moment. You may not feel like having a party, you may feel like being extremely quiet and inward and resting in the space of your precious abode. Do not mitigate yourself or judge yourself for not feeling like having a ball. There is a time and place for everything, and this time is surely for deep and profound integration of Light and energy. The more you rest and allow, the more light and energy you will be able to take in and integrate into your body and consciousness.

This can at times seem like hard work, although on the outside it appears you are doing nothing! You are in fact moving mountains within your cellular structure and assisting the whole to be able to integrate this Light more easily. With every single person that is willing to go within and listen to their physical vehicle everyone on the planet is helped, for we are all One. So when one integrates it assists the whole. 

There is no separation, although at the present time this concept is still foreign to most of you because, although you may speak about and know the concept mentally, you may not have had the actual experience of Oneness. When you do, and you will, you will truly know that there is and never has been any form of separation - only a separation from yourself and who you truly are. The quicker you can grasp the truth of this, the easier you will be able to take on board the responsibilities that come with mastery. Mastery has already been achieved. It is just your human consciousness that needs to catch up to where you have arrived. Part of you is still in the old paradigm, not believing you are worthy or fully enlightened. When you begin to trust that you are and that just walking the Earth and living your truth is part of your Mastery. You do not have to perform great miracles to be the Master that you are. Claim your Mastery from within, be willing to allow it to show itself to you with each passing day and you will begin to live the art of Mastery on a daily basis in your everyday lives without any effort at all. First you need to believe it and claim it and then automatically you will begin living from this place of Mastery within yourself, instead of from the fear-based ego that is still trying to hold you imprisoned in its grasp of old. 

You knew when you agreed to come at this time that one day you would have to step out of the very comfortable box you have been hiding in, and would have to step outside these confines and the security of being anonymous and show your true self, show your light. You have all been masquerading for so long you have forgotten who you truly are. It is time to take off the costumes you have been wearing and bare your authentic soul to the world and share your wisdom and Light. Let nothing hold you back from sharing your love. Be love at all times, especially towards yourself which has, to say the least, always been your most difficult task. 

Beloved ones it is time to claim your Mastery and live from your soul self. Accept this challenge and step outside of the comfortable box you have been hiding in and begin to really live your divine purpose and be the Love and the Light that you are. We love you, we adore you, we appreciate you and we welcome you all to the celebration that awaits you as you decide to claim your Mastery and step up to the challenge of living life as a Master upon the Earth. 

Blessings beloveds, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Trust and allow us to guide you into your new found freedom. 

Aloha and Namaste for today.

A Cleansing Vortex of Energy and Light Sweeps the Planet

July 23rd, 2015

   Beloved ones, as you become empty vessels for the light of God that never fails the crystalline Light of the Christ will shower through you, washing the last vestiges of the old energy from your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This takes time. These old accumulations have been set in their old ways for a very long time and cannot be expected to be disbursed of in an instant. It all takes patience, clearing and cleansing before the new energies can fully anchor within your being. As they do and the old is cleared away you will feel the extreme need to rest and take it easy. Your energies will be very focused within and it is imperative that you honor these cycles of rest that are greatly needed for the integration of all that is being released and received at the same time.

   There is a huge changing of the guard at hand. All aspects of your being are being revamped and renewed and it is to be expected that you will feel tired and in need of lots of rest. Your emotions may be dulled as you are integrating new ways of being. Nothing feels the same any longer and you may wonder: “What is wrong with me?” We tell you, nothing is wrong with you. You are just going through a huge transition and metamorphosis of your whole being. You may feel strange as you have never been in this exact situation before. As you gradually acclimatize to this new energy and the new way of being you will find that your energy, love and joy return in a far greater fullness than ever before. You are once again in the midst of a deep reconstruction period and we advise you sincerely to take our message to heart and give yourselves the time you need to rest and integrate. Cancel unnecessary appointments and honor yourself with love and compassion for the journey you are on is great.

   Expanded versions of yourselves are already adjusting to this new found you and as the body catches up you will begin to feel you are aligned and in sync with one another once again. The cogs are not quite fitting one another yet, hence the feelings you may have about being out of sync with yourself!!! It is not surprising, but just a part of the totally divine process you are in the midst of. Focus on the higher part of yourself as you rest and ask for clarity, balance and harmony to return to your physical bodies. Ask for assistance from your Higher Selves, ask for all the help you need in this process. We are here to make life easier if we can, but you have to do your part and connect with the energies that can facilitate your integration. Ask and you shall receive. If you are silent you will struggle alone. This is a gentle reminder to use us and the gifts we bring beloveds.

   There is a huge vortex of energy and light sweeping your planet right now. As this force field of intense energy and light sweeps in, through and around you taking with it the last vestiges of the old earth and patterns of destruction, you are bound to feel like everything is stirred up and intensified - and so it is. As you sweep away the dirt some is stirred up into the atmosphere before it settles again upon the ground. The same is taking place around you. Everything is in clean up mode. There is not one soul who is left unperturbed by these energies. It affects all and there is nothing you can do but just allow this whirlwind of energy to sweep you clean and be grateful that it is, as you will no longer need to carry those old outworn and extremely old patterns or emotions around with you.

   So much is happening, beloveds, you would be hard-fetched to not be affected by these enormous changes. There is no other way for the new to be able to come until the old is completely cleaned up, and as you know, there is still an intense amount to be cleared. Thus your lack of enthusiasm for life at the moment, but it will return with new born zest and vigor to embrace and begin manifesting the new. Wait a while before bringing in the patterns of perfection in to such distortion as they will be watered down and will not be able to come into their full effectiveness until the time is ripe. Hold the seeds of Light in your hearts beloveds. Hold dear to your dreams for a peaceful future and it will be so.

   We bid you farewell until we meet again next week. Keep on, my brave warriors of the Light - in thee we are well pleased, your beloved brethren from the heavens and the Inner Earth. We love you beyond measure dear sisters and brothers of the Light. 


July 9, 2015 – Message through Sue

Beloved ones,

There is an enormous shift going on within and in through and around you and your planetary star. Much has been accomplished these past weeks and we congratulate you all on your continued efforts towards and for the Light. You are no doubt noticing big shifts in your awareness and perception of things that surround you. This can at times be a little disturbing as nothing appears to be as it was in the past. 

There have been many upgrades to your systems and these new upgraded systems need time to re-calibrate your energy until they are balanced and harmonized once again. It takes as long as it takes and we ask you to be patient with yourselves and others as you are all going through massive changes, most of them unbeknownst to your conscious awareness. 

Never the less these upgrades are taking place and more and more people upon your planet are beginning to wake up. There has been an enormous amount of clearing going on in so many levels it is hard for you to understand where all these random feelings and thoughts are coming from. They are being released from the collective human mind and consciousness. As they release the Light Workers available are still sifting and sorting and dissolving these collective patterns. It may appear at times extremely heavy and you may ask yourself: why I am feeling this way? I felt so good last week, what happened?

We tell you just to be with the process and not to judge yourself for how you are feeling. It is all a part of the upgrades you are receiving and not to be judged as wrong or bad, just an intricate part of the ascension process. You may at times feel extremely tired and sometimes irritable - this is okay. It is simply a signal for you to take the time to go into retreat mode and just be with what is arising. Loving it and embracing all the polarity that exists in through and around you at this time. It seems stirred up and intensified because it is surfacing to be released once and for all. There will be an end to this seemingly endless clearing process and the time is nigh. Soon it will not be necessary for you to assist others in their process, but at times it is as a part of your mission agreed upon long ago. You are collectively just speeding up the whole process for the collective and moving things along a lot faster than they would if you were not involved. 

For this we thank you beloved ones. Please do not take these down times as bad and feel as if you must have done something wrong. It is all just a part of your own evolutionary journey. So relax into it and know that this time will soon pass. The tide always goes in and out - you feel marvelous, full of energy, sparkly and light, and all of a sudden you seem to be in a void - flat, irritated and discontented with everything, most of all yourselves! The key here is to love your selves through these void periods and know that this too will pass. Use these times for inner work and silence rather than social gatherings. Just say no if you are not feeling up to it and honor yourselves above all in every situation.

We love you beloveds and we watch over you closely. You are well guided even at times when it feels as though you are alone, you are not, we have just stepped back a few paces to give you time to integrate what is and then we will come closer again.  

We love you, we adore you and we embrace you always in our minds and hearts. 


your ascension team from the other side of the veil.

Thursday, June 25th, 2015 – Sue Moll

Beloved ones,

Today we celebrate your victory. We congratulate you once again on the achievements you have reached so far. Well done. So much has been accomplished these past weeks. You have no idea of the vastness and capacity at which you are all working within the realms of Light, as much of this is in your dream time when your bodily functions and the human mind is at rest. These activities of Light assisting humanity on the other side of the veil have a great impact on the earth and humanity at large. Your human selves are very innocent and extremely ignorant of these activities of Light, but we are not and this is why we congratulate you as a collective consciousness as you have reached major turning points in the evolution of mankind and it’s evolvement into the Light and higher frequencies.

Would you like to become more conscious of your activities in assisting the planet and humanity? If the answer is yes, just ask your greater being to give you a dream or a message about what you have been doing during your dream time. Sometimes you may get a glimpse and sometimes it would all just be too confusing and too much for your human minds to assimilate and process. This is why mostly you have no recollection of where you went and what you accomplished during the night. You have so much stimulation during your waking hours and tasks to get done that we do not wish you to continue to worry about tasks still to be accomplished on the other side of the veil! Your higher wisdom is in charge and truly has no problem with any of this. We just wanted to make you aware that each one of you is accomplishing much during your dream time. Even though it appears you are asleep, lying in your bed, you are really traveling at the speed of light and visiting many different dimensions and schools of Light where you may learn or may teach. It varies. 

We are wishing that you begin to embrace the entirety of your Being and begin to identify with the greater part of who you truly are instead of only associating who you are with your limited human consciousness and personality. This is just a speck of dust in comparison to whom you really are - magnificent beings of Love and Light with numerous gifts, talents and roles that you play on many different levels. As you begin to embrace who you truly are you will begin to live more of this part of yourself here on the earth. This will be of great advantage not only to yourselves and how you feel and live your life, but the effect you have on others will be enormous. Just being in your expanded presence will catapult them forward to be able to do the same.

So you see, beloved ones, we are not trying to flatter you in any way. We are here and do encourage you to, from this moment forth, start really embracing your truly divine nature and all that you are. As you do this gradually the human aspects will diminish and eventually dissolve and all that will be left will be your true divine nature and self to shine brightly for all to see and bless.

This service serves you, everyone around and that you come into contact with, the planet herself and all who live upon her. Everything will go through a transformation in consciousness as the momentum and vastness of the energy that creates worlds becomes more conscious and present in your everyday lives. This is what is called “living life as an Ascended Master on earth”. This is your destiny and where you are headed at great speed. So, it is truly time to embrace who you are and where you are going, why you are here and what you are doing - right now. Let go of all the old outworn patterns and destructive fears that rob you of your life force, embrace who you are and those fears, beliefs and patterns will simply dissolve into the Love and Light that you are.

We look forward to watching your progress with this process. It is an important part of your ascension process and one that is of utmost significance and importance. Enjoy your new found freedom, power and Love. Expand it exponentially to embrace the world. We love you, we adore you and we offer our services to assist you anytime. Just call and we will be there at your side to nudge and guide you in the right direction for your next steps and the tasks at hand.

Blessings beloved ones until we meet again. Your team and cheer leaders from the stars. As a collective consciousness we embrace you all as One as we all are One.

Susan Michele Moll

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Beloved ones, there has never been a time more potent than this. Everything is sparking with anticipation and excitement of that which is to come, but is not yet seen but definitely felt by your energy bodies. Tune into this excitement and the anticipation of that which is unfolding in and around you. Taking the time to do this will help bring forth these manifestations into the physical in a timely manner.

Play with your imagination, what would you like to bring forth into your now reality? Imagine, feel and experiment with the true desires of your heart, not only for your selves but for the entire earth and humanity at large. How do you envision a better life on Earth, what needs to dissolve and what would you replace it with. Take a little time each day to just feel and envision how you could improve the conditions upon the earth at this time, and in doing so and focusing upon these “way out” ideas that may seem fanciful you will activate those energies to begin manifesting physically.

This would be of great service to your selves, humanity and the beloved Mother Earth herself. It would bring forth a win- win situation filled with love for all concerned, even for those that are holding on to the old ways of being. They will eventually - step by step - let go of the old ways, adapt and begin to even like and embrace the new ones! Give it a good try, beloved ones. See if you can all assist in this consolidated effort to bring forth that which you all desire for this beautiful planet and all her inhabitants. Write it down, envision it, feel it, paste it on a vision board - whatever it takes to get your juices flowing and build a momentum to bring this forth. Have fun with it and bring it into your now moment.

These past weeks have been extremely intense for many of you as the layers of unwanted debris surface and break off. Just allow these old outworn crusts to drop away without giving them anymore attention or energy, they are done, they are complete, they are leaving, no need to energize or analyze them any longer, time to just let them all go one by one with ease and grace. This does not have to be difficult anymore beloved ones; don’t hang onto that which is surfacing emotionally or physically. 

The physical body is slightly more difficult because you see and feel the manifestation of that which you have held onto and recreated time and time again by talking about and strengthening it. Through your fear about the physical symptoms you have manifested more and more in your bodies (which you wish to heal) simply by your constant and intense focus upon them! You ask; “How can I ignore the intense pain I am feeling, and all the symptoms that go with it?”

We tell you not to ignore but to embrace and love everything. Have compassion, understanding and acceptance for yourself and everything that you are experiencing in this moment. Forgive yourself for having manifested whatever it is. Soften and gradually dissolve your criticism of self and others. Let go of the guilt and shame associated with feeling sick, love yourself like you would a sick child. Love that child and give it all the nurturing and love you would your own child. Beloved ones please give yourself the gift of self LOVE and all will slowly but surely be well. Love truly does heal all things. Begin today, all of you, love yourselves as the Creator loves you in all of your human imperfections. Have compassion for yourselves as the Source within does, without judgment or self condemnation and hatred.

Here lies the key to your own enlightenment and the greatest gift you can share and give to everyone. In the loving of self you are able to share your love unconditionally with others with compassion, understanding and complete acceptance of where they are today, without the judgment that used to be present. You are then able to see the whole picture and both sides of the coin, both perspectives and understand that anything that is not flowing in the perfection of the flow of Source is because one or more of the parties involved has gone into an element of fear and is not functioning from his/her true self and the perception is clouded by fear.

Remember this in every situation that you or someone else is in. Embrace the fear and allow it to be acknowledged and loved so that it has no power to stint your progress any longer. Simply the fact of acknowledging that you are afraid of something will soften the hold it has upon you.

Beloved Ones, we leave you for today and look forward to future communications and hope that our tips for today may be helpful reminders of what truly counts in manifesting the life you truly desire and deserve. You are the Creators of your reality. It is time to acknowledge and accept the responsibility for living and being the true example of that which you wish to see in the world around you and it will be so.

We love you, we adore you and we embrace you all from the depths of our hearts with support and love for your next steps. 

Until we meet again, your beloved brothers and sisters from the other side of the veil. Our collective consciousness embraces and loves you all. Adieu and Namaste.

 Sue - Thursday, March 12th, 2015

Beloved ones we come together to co-create a new future, something that has never been done before, something you cannot even imagine because it does not exist in your realm of consciousness, but in ours. We are going to assist you to create you deepest desires and dreams, ones that will serve you long into the history of your planet. We are tithing our contribution towards Earth’s advancement and the education of its people. We are excited about our new co-creative projects that will come together with great ease and grace as directed by the Creator. There will be no doubts or questions in anyone’s mind, whether this project is correct, true or real. It will be totally obvious for all to see and feel that this is the real deal! Finally the real thing after many misguided human attempts to create the same! It was never possible before this time, because you were not ready and your co-creative brothers and sisters were not either! So you have all been waiting for one another to catch up in certain areas, before we can move on as a collective group for the benefit of the whole. Well, beloved ones we wish to inform you that the time is nigh!

Be open to our suggestions and guidance at all times and the plans will unfold perfectly in divine timing without too many hitches along the way!  

Beloveds, we ask you to do your part now, to begin to feel the excitement connected to the projects you wish to be involved in, feel them, see yourself actually doing what you dream of and would love to do. Cultivate a momentum of energy towards that which you wish us to assist you with, when the time is right. Create a life of joy, even though you may not be in the perfect situation right now, cultivate an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, as we have told you many times before, and the rest will follow. Love yourself and appreciate where you are today, all you have achieved in your life and all the hurdles you have overcome along the narrow path to enlightenment. We know it has not been easy and the transformation not only of yourselves but of the collective has been an enormous task that you agreed to assist with many eons ago. 

Beloved, the rewards for your diligent hard work and consistent commitment to serve have been beyond our wildest dreams. Your tenacity and willingness to keep on keeping on for the good of the whole, as well as for your individual selves has been commendable to say the least! 

As this era comes to a final closing curtain and the new one opens up before your very eyes you will not be able to contain the joy, love and gratitude you will feel. The beauty of what lies ahead will be beyond your wildest dreams because you cannot dream this big you have never experienced anything like this in the physical realms before. Even Lemuria was not as grand and magical as this existence will be. You have moved far beyond the realms of Lemuria, so please do not try to recreate the same - although some of the ideas are the same - you have moved beyond this realm of consciousness and learned so very much in the meantime, there is no comparison. 

This is to be a new world, a whole new life, a whole new way of being and living in society never before practiced on Earth in this way. So prepare yourselves for lots of wonderful and very pleasant surprises, you will not be disappointed beloveds.

In the meantime it is of utmost importance that you do not sit upon your laurels, so to speak, and think there is no more growing to be accomplished! You never stop evolving so carry on the good work of your refining and moving forward towards that which awaits you so that this may all be accomplished in a timely manner.

I am Adama, your brother from the Inner Earth, who is constantly guiding you into this new realm of consciousness and reality.

Blessings beloved ones keep on keeping on until we meet again.

love you as always and forever - Namaste.

Sue, Monday, March 9th, 2015

Beloved children of the light, we greet you with an enormous Aloha! You have come through the tunnel into the light and you are now able to access the higher frequencies of light that you were unable to reach beforehand.  

We know it has been a very difficult time for you all and challenging in many different ways, to say the least! It is time to decide and make a pact with your I Am Presence that a new era has arrived. You are worthy, you are blessed and are able to receive your own divine guidance and intuition easily and effortlessly. Your life, if you wish, will unfold as you decree it to be. You must begin to realize the power of your thoughts and the spoken word. You can no longer afford to wander from one end of the spectrum to the other. It is first of all not for your highest and best good, nor for the rest of humanity. It is time to take a stand and decree what you truly desire from life and how you wish your life to unfold. Most importantly you must believe it, and not just offer empty words. They have to be filled with the emotional belief and the knowledge that it will be so as you have decreed. 

You are all sovereign beings and it is time for you to claim back your divine birth right and power once again from the minions that have governed you and held you prisoners in slavery for so long.

Beloved ones, we adore you and we are here at your side cheering you on, every step of the way. Do not berate yourself when you have a bad day, allow yourself to feel what you need to feel but do not go into the illusion that you have done something wrong and you need to be healed or fixed. You are a divine being of Light, perfect just the way you are. Hold the vision of yourself and others as the perfect divine soul, filled with luminescent Light and radiating pure Love and Light to all those around you. Feel that you are happy, feel that you are able to let go and finally TRUST THE DIVINE IN ALL MATTERS, this is imperative to your advancement. There is nothing left for you to do but truly trust in the divine unfolding and plan according to your soul’s destiny. Trust that where you are and what you are going through is necessary for the perfect - in divine timing - unfolding of your divine destiny and plan.

Life is supposed to be fun, and from this point forth make a decision to let go of the past and all that dwells in it. Move forward into a bright and beautiful tomorrow with the assistance of your higher self and beloved guides and angels. Each of you has several guides, teachers and angels that accompany you on a daily basis. It is time to truly and more intimately connect with these wondrous beings that have been with you for a large part of your spiritual journey and earthly sojourn. Most of you take them for granted and forget to ask for their assistance. They are there to assist you all the time, not just in times of trouble. Practice making these connections on a daily basis and your trust in their assistance will gradually strengthen. Ask for signs, when you need confirmation of what you received and it will come in some way, shape or form to help you trust at a deeper and more profound level than ever before. 

Some of you have been living this way for a long time, whereas others have taken them for granted and have not really utilized their infinite wisdom because they did not believe that they had the ability to connect deeply with it. Well, we tell you, you do, and we thoroughly encourage you to connect with them on a daily basis. You do not need to know individual names, they represent a certain energy that is specifically put together to assist you and your advancement.

Beloveds, we would now like to inform you of the general themes of the upcoming seminars. To begin with, there will be a series of three seminars on line, lasting anywhere between 1- 1 1/2 hours of your time. During our time together we will be working with each participant individually, with your permission, to enable you to easily and effortlessly integrate the ever increasing energies that are coming onto the planet and your solar system. We will be working with you energetically on your bodily systems and aligning the new chakras and igniting them to come online! You will feel the benefits of these alignment sessions months down the road. We will also be giving you information that will be recorded, meditations and various processes to lighten your load. These are not structured or mental seminars. These are specially designed to help you integrate the Light and evolve at a greater pace than you have ever been able to do before. We are sure you will have many aha moments, and encourage as many of you as possible, if you feel called, to participate. You know who you are and your life will never be the same after these energy alignments. They will ease your journey immensely, even though during and after the seminars you will experience great shifts, not only in consciousness, but in your whole being, energy and alignment with Source.

The price for the seminars, we have suggested to Sue as she is the channel and facilitator for these energy alignments and messages, should be $55.00 per person and session. If you book and pay for a block of three in advance, you will receive a discount of $40.00, as a special incentive, with the commitment to allow us to work with you at all times, from the moment you sign up, until the completion of your individual energy alignments.

Details of dates, times and how to access the seminars “live” will be released, as soon as everything is in place. If you are unable to attend “live”, due to time differences and other commitments, we will make sure that you all receive a recording that you can access at your leisure anytime. We will always be with you energetically if you participate, no matter what time or day you complete the sessions.  

Sue has been a channel, and facilitator of energy and sound healing for many years. You can have experiential experiences, and it will be as if you are present in the room with Sue. There is no difference, and sometimes distant energy work is even more powerful because you are in your own environment, relaxed and free to go through what you need to go through physically alone without any distractions!

Beloved ones, we bid you farewell until next week and we look forward to working with each one of you individually and collectively. Those who sign up will know it is for their highest and best good to join us. We guarantee you will not regret participating.

We are the Ascended Masters from the Inner Earth. We love you, we adore you and with your permission and commitment, we will begin to align your energies immediately so that you may move more swiftly through the transforming frequencies of Love and Light.

Namaste beloved children of the rainbow, we are One.

 Sue, Wednesday March 4th, 2015

Beloved ones, today has been and is a day to mark down in your history books of the future. Today the battle between the Light and the dark has ended. We the light are victorious, thanks to the help and great assistance from light workers all over the globe, the ascended host and angelic realms, we can celebrate our victory together. The Light is victorious!

We, the angelic host and ascended masters from all over the globe have been routing for this day to arrive and it is finally here. There has been a parting of the worlds and they have separated into two different categories of light and dark. Each soul had the choice to chose where he/she wanted to be and so you are where you chose to be, and can evolve from this platform in to ever greater and expanding realities in the future. 

For now we congratulate you beloved warriors of the light. It has not been an easy battle, we know how you have suffered immensely over the many millenniums that you have incarnated, and we know you are all weary of the long and tedious journey. This is to come to an end, finally! Finally you have taken back your power symbolically this day in so many different ways, individually and collectively without even knowing that this was a part of the grand plan. Your higher selves guided you the entire time and it has been a day of clearing more clutter and removing obstacles to that which you truly deserve and desire from the inner most depths of your hearts. We know you all desire to be loved; we know you all desire to be filled with peace, joy and infinite happiness and abundance. We know you all desire good healthy bodies that radiate and demonstrate your health, wellbeing and youthfulness. This is all manifesting as we speak. Your bodies are adjusting gradually, and one day the new energies will be fully integrated in your physical bodies and you will awaken to a grand and beautiful new day, filled with a new zest and energy for life. Life will never be quite the same after this transformation has taken place and we know you will be happy with the results of the deep transformation you have all been going through. There is no road map to follow, you are the map; you are making history as we speak. You are accomplishing feats that have never before been undertaken by a human race. This is gigantic and beyond words to describe the joy of the Creator, the One Being who orchestrated all of this with his beloved children thousands of years ago. 

It has been a long hard and arduous struggle for most of you. There has been much learning and many lessons of Light and darkness along the way. You have all been it all, and played it all out at various times and in various scenarios. In the end you have all come through and are to be well and truly celebrated for your glorious achievements supporting the light.  

Today has been a parting of the ways of good and evil, light and dark, good and bad, today there has been a severing from that which has held you down and cut you off from your true destiny and heritage. You are the Light. You are the love of God incarnate in beautiful physical vehicles that are receiving upgrades as we speak. 

Rest beloved ones as we keep telling you, this is of utmost importance so that your bodies can catch up with what is going on around you and with you energetically. The less you do physically the more will be accomplished energetically and spiritually. Relax and enjoy the rain, relax and enjoy your day. No longer stress about tiny details, it will all get sorted out in the end and really the details are all unimportant in the grand scheme of things. In your individual lives the details take up so much time and effort and expend an enormous amount of physical energy. Find ways to get things done without doing anything. Ask and you shall receive. Relax, pray, meditate and expect the answers to come and they will, believe us they will. In doing nothing all is accomplished.

Today is a good day to begin again, a good day for a new beginning, to be reborn into a whole new life. See yourself as the emerging butterfly taking off for the first time in flight towards your new and wondrous life in the higher frequencies of love and light. We support you and are here to mentor you all the way. Take it easy beloved ones, the time is nigh, and we shall be able to greet one another personally very soon and we will assist you all we possibly can, to become fully awakened human beings, innocent, pure and true to who you are - the divine incarnate ones on earth.

Blessings beloved ones we love you, we adore you and we bid you farewell until we meet on the shores of the New Earth very soon, your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth with your brother Adama who is guiding you through this portal of illumination to the other side. 

Adieu until we meet again very soon. Never forget, we love you.

 Sue Moll - Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Beloved ones we greet you this beautiful day and are excited to share once again our Light transmissions with you. These past weeks have been a rocky ride for many of you as you adjust to the new frequencies that surround you. Everything has seemed to be upside down and inside out, has it not? Have you felt as if the ground has been taken from under your feet and you don’t know where you are standing right now? Well, that is about right, you are in a place of deep transitioning and you may feel lost at sea. As February moves to a close you will begin to feel more grounded in your new reality and life will once again begin to move in the right direction. Your body temples have had a lot to deal with these past weeks, many of you have been in bed with varies ailments, giving your bodies time to acclimate the new energies and to adjust. Resting is the only way your bodies can catch up, so if you don’t take the time the body will!

This is not a punishment just a necessity and something most of you seem to want to override, believing you can do it without the necessary rest periods! Well, you can’t, and you need the time that you require to be able to adjust gradually. Life goes on as usual it seems, but really nothing is as it was the day before and everything is in constant flux and change. Relax beloved ones, go easy on yourselves and please take the time your bodies need to adjust and catch up. The body is the last place to adjust and because of the nature of its solidity it needs more time than the other bodies.

Beloved ones, good times are ahead. We know you have heard this from many of us over the past months and are beginning to wonder, where are these so called good times? Will they ever come? Well, we tell you, yes they will. We know these past months have not been easy and you thought the New Year would be different and different it has been, but not quite as you imagined. Many of you have still been clearing and removing unnecessary clutter from the closets of your hearts. It’s been tough, and soon the rewards will be felt and you will be celebrating a new beginning, each in your own way, time and space. Beloved ones don’t give up hope, hold on to the belief that life is meant to be fun and life will be fun and filled with new and joyous celebrations soon.  

We wish to offer you a meditation today, that will help you to be where you are in complete acceptance of wherever that may be, when you receive this message. Take some deep breathes into the center of your hearts and relax into the core of your own being. Fully let go of all attachments to how this should feel and just fully surrender into it now. There are no shoulds or coulds, just be here now in the only place there is, here and now. Keep bringing yourself back to this moment here and now. As you center in this place of peace and complete surrender, everything around you begins to come alive. The more you focus here now, the more alive everything becomes. This is always the case, you just tend to miss it most of the time! Keep coming back to the now and you will experience this aliveness more and more in your everyday lives. We leave you with this practice, that can be utilized anytime, anyplace and we look forward to watching your progress as you move more into each and every now moment.

We love you, we adore you and we celebrate your victory and perfect alignment with the Godhead within. Blessings to each and every one of you this day beloved friends. 

Adieu until we meet again, Adama and your brothers and sisters from the Inner Earth.

Sue, January 17th, 2015 

Beloved ones, we greet you this day and wish to inform you of the events taking place in your world unbeknownst to you! There is much severing of ties that bound you to a society that was controlled by the powers that think they be! These powers are slowly but surely being removed and replaced by the Light. The masters of the new earth will govern and replace these old outworn villains, who have over used their power and might to dominate humanity and to govern you as a slave race. Yes, this may seem shocking to some of you beloved ones, but it is true. You think you have been free, but from our perspective far from it. You have been living in the illusion of freedom of speech, and freedom to live your life as you wish, but all the while you have truly been governed and enslaved by fear. Fear to lose your job, fear of having no money, fear of not being able to pay all your bills, fear of dying, fear of commitment in relationships, fear of entanglement, fear of being ostracized and so on. The list goes on and on, you have not been free for a long, long time.  

We know you recognize and are willing to acknowledge these fears, some more pronounced than others. This so called illusion based on fear is truly an illusion. This is what people mean when they talk about the illusion. It is not real, it has just been conjured up and imagined into being by those who wish to control the masses. In truth you are free, if you are willing to cut yourselves loose of the shackles that have held you in fear for eons.

How do we do this you ask?

We will guide you through this process to free you, once and for all from these bondages of old.

Would you like this?

Are you willing to let go of all of your fears and trust the divine essence that dwells within you?

Are you willing, for once, to truly let go and let God? 

We tell you, you have absolutely nothing to fear and everything to gain. Nothing is to be gained by living in constant fear of this or that. There is no hope living in fear. It is a place of quiet, helpless and hopeless desperation, disempowering and completely unnecessary, because it is a part of the illusional dream you have lived in. Reality is when you feel alive, reality is when you feel passionate, reality is when life moves with the flow of the universe and seemingly synchronistically, almost magically. Everything just falls into place. This is living in sync with the divine flow. This is how life is supposed to be. But when you have cut yourself off from the flow of divine essence that runs through and surrounds you, you feel lost, you feel afraid, you feel alone and lost at sea. It is time for you to be found and retrieved from the little dingy you have banned yourself to in the middle of a rocky sea where you feel completely helpless and out of control - because you are! 

You surrendered your infinite power, the infinite power of the divine essence that runs through each and every one of you for FEAR - false evidence appearing real! It is time beloved ones, to row that dingy to the shore, get out of that little dingy lost at sea and begin a new life, a life that you enjoy, a life that brings you happiness, love, laughter and infinite abundance. Their truly is nothing you cannot have, do or be if you are willing to take the risk and live your life fearlessly. Are you willing to at least give it a try and see how it feels to finally be in your power? 

No one has actually ever held you in this place. You are not a victim of this situation. You chose to believe the lies that have been fed and programmed into you over time, and in the process forgot who you were and why you are here. You are here to be the masters that you are. You are here to live a life of joy and happiness. You are here to help those less fortunate than yourselves and help empower them. You are here to be the divine in action in the physical. You are here to bring this whole illusionary dream to an end and to begin living life to the full. 

Are you ready beloved ones, for we are ready and waiting to escort you to the shore. If you are, follow our lead, listen to our transmissions and we will guide you back to the life you were always supposed to live and will live once again It is time to let go of the shackles of the past; time to let go of feeling like the victims of society; time to let go of being the poor me and blaming others for your demise. It is time to take full responsibility for your own actions, for your own situation, and stop putting the blame onto someone else. No one is to blame except yourself, and in truth you are innocent because you bought into the illusion of fear and now it is time to wake up from this illusion and claim back your divine power, wisdom and knowledge and to live this on a daily basis.

Imagine what life will be like when everyone is living their power through love. Everybody will be in sync with the energy that creates worlds. Everybody will always be in the right place at the right time. There will be no missing the boat. Everything will always unfold as it was meant to in the flow and synchronistically in alignment with their destiny. These are exciting times beloved ones if you are willing to let go of the patterns of old and finally move onward and upward onto the shore of a new world where everyone lives from their hearts in peace and harmony. Everyone takes full responsibility for their own actions and blames no one else for their demise. When this is the case, and it will be, for this is the only way that you can exist and live on the new earth.  

In truth you are not going anywhere, just creating a new reality to replace the old, a much better one governed by your own divine selves instead of by fear. You are creating a love, trust and fearless society based on love, peace, harmony and abundance for all instead of fear and poverty for all except the astute few! 

It is time to change your reality. Are you ready? Then join us for our weekly seminar that will be aired on the internet for all to see. Join us and be free from the shackles that have bound you. It is time!

(Full details will be released as soon as the appropriate arrangements for the recording have been made.)

Adieu beloved ones. We love you, we embrace you and we share our wisdom and insights with you from the depths of our souls. We are accompanying you to the other side, to the shore of the new earth. Please join us.

Your beloved brother and friend Jesus, the Christed One, with Adama and your brothers from the Inner Earth.

Sue, 16th January, 2015 

I asked Abraham about wealth and how I believed that St. Germaine put away money for the light workers for this time and because it appears to be constantly delayed, is the delay because we the light workers are not in a vibrational frequency to be able to receive the wealth that we have accrued in the higher dimensions?

As you have affirmed yourself many times this morning already, you can have, be or do anything you want. You just have to get into the vibrational frequency of these things to be able for them to flow unrestricted to you.

So yes, you the light workers of this planet are required to amp their vibrational frequency up in order to be able to receive the wealth that is accrued in their vortex and waiting for them It is no different to any other part of the law of attraction but you seem to believe that you have been victims of this whole societal pot and that you are going to be saved and all will be rectified. This is an illusion! You are the only one that is going to save you. You are the only one who is going to change your reality. Do you want to change your present reality? Then start by appreciating everything you do have in your present situation, milk it, express it, show and feel great gratitude and appreciation for everything you do have. Feel yourself as infinitely abundant and most of all be happy. If you are happy you automatically amp yourself up to higher and higher frequencies where all can flow to you from your vortex. You can never receive massive amounts of wealth if you are feeling poor, it will never happen, not in a million or even a trillion years! So beloved ones we advise you to work on your personal point of attraction, your own life, and see what magic flows your way and it will, when you have worked yourself up the vibrational scale to a place where you are open and ready to receive the wealth and abundance that you have accrued.  

Ask yourself, what am I resisting here? Am I afraid of something? Is there anything that is stopping me from opening up to receive this wealth? If yes is the answer to any of these questions and you have identified what you have been doing to stop your inflow of abundance, then set the intention right now to drop and let go of all the restrictions, beliefs and fears you have around money. Surrender these beliefs to the divine self and ask for assistance in focusing on the abundance that you have, be grateful for everything in your life, create a momentum of gratitude in your life. Gratitude for your family, your friends, your home, your car, your job, the beauty of nature that surrounds you, your grandchild, your children and so forth. You cannot receive millions from a place of feeling poor, it will never happen! 

So beloved light workers, if you wish to begin receiving what you have accrued in your vortex over lifetimes, and we tell you, there is more than you could ever possibly use in one lifetime! Amp up your vibrations and enjoy the ride to your abundance, well being and a joy-filled life. 


Sunday, January 11th, 2015 - Sue 

Beloved ones, we greet you this beautiful day and bring you much information from the core of the earth. Greetings, and welcome into our realm of consciousness and light. We are here to guide you on another journey into the light from whence you came and will return. We are benevolent beings, masters of light who operate in accordance with universal laws and in harmony with mother earth and father/ mother creator. We are your brethren from the inner earth. My name is Adama.

We ask you to descend from the highest point of light in the heavens that you can possibly reach and then spiral down once again in a spiral of light in through and around your bodies, spiraling down to the very core of the earth. As you reach the core observe the energy that pulsates in this magnificent core of your mother earth. She is vitally alive and full of infinite potential. She contains the energy that creates worlds and this energy flows in through and around you, each and every moment, of every single day of your lives on earth. This is the energy of creation. This is the energy that has the answer to all of your prayers. This is the energy that contains the wisdom of how to fuel your cars and supply your houses with electricity and energy. This is the energy that has all the answers of the universe within its very core. Humankind, for the most part, has not even begun to realize the potential that lies within the very core of the dear earth you walk and live upon. You have no idea, of what a magnificent benevolent being you are housed upon and privileged to be a part of. You have no idea of her power and wisdom. When the earth was first created, she came with everything that you would ever need. She came with the energy that supplies everything your hearts would ever require or desire. She came with this wisdom but, until now, humankind has just not tapped into this energy that has always been available and ready and waiting to be used. Man in his primitive nature created all sorts of ways over time to move himself forward and to create heat and power, but it is not being sourced from the true source that is ever flowing and ever free for all to use.  

It is time beloved ones for the scientists among you to communicate with us to receive the know-how - the technology - that will enable you to access this free energy that creates worlds. What a concept this will be. No more power lines, no more cars fueled by electricity or gasoline that is harvested from the very core and is creating disharmony within the earth’s natural balance. It is time to stop fracking mother earth and listen to the wisdom she has to offer. It is all here. The energy of the creator is within it all - in every single particle - there is nothing in through and around you that is not. Except that which man has made in his ignorance of the true source of energy and how to harvest it freely for all, without danger or pollution to yourselves or mother earth.

We ask you to consider for one moment how the energy comes down from the heavens as pure crystalline energy, pouring like a waterfall of energy, light and sound down to the very core of the earth. At the same time the energy from the very core of the earth rises upwards towards the heavens. These two streams of energy are constantly flowing and always present. This is the energy that fills and surrounds you, provides you with sustenance and gives you the life force energy to stay alive. The energy from the heavens that has reached the very core of the earth continues its journey out the other side of the earth. Then as it reaches the surface flows upwards around the earth back towards the heavens once again. This is an ongoing process. The same process is happening simultaneously from the core of the earth upwards but in reverse. It reaches the edges of the earth and rises into the heavens then descends once again around the outer edges of the earth. This is called a tube taurus. This is the energy that holds and contains the answers to all of your physical requirements. It is time to tap into this energy that creates worlds and allow the earth to rejuvenate herself as also you all will rejuvenate in time.  

We ask you to open your minds and hearts to consider what we are offering to you this day. Those of you who are willing and able connect with us, especially the scientific, open minded amongst you. If you come with a pure heart, innocent and pure intentions we will reveal the secrets of how to tap into this universal source of energy. It is time for the earth to receive her transformation, as it is time for you to receive yours. As humanity goes, goes the earth and visa versa. Everything is interconnected in the most intricate ways. So far, you have absolutely no concept of how the universe really works, and how everything is a living being and is asking to be respected and honored as you wish to be. It is time to begin this journey of education and discovery together beloved ones. Are you ready to join us on this evolutionary journey and let go of your old outworn patterns, ideas, emotional garbage and stories that truly do not serve you? As you release these, you will have room for the information we are willing and able to give you. There cannot be one millimeter of greed or false intent within you, for we will only work with the very purest of heart who have the good of all of humanity and the planet at heart. This is a huge responsibility that you, the creators of the new earth, are going to undertake. We assure you that anything that is not of the very purest intent will not be able to survive in the energy of the new earth. It simply cannot exist in the higher frequencies of love and light that reside in this place that we offered and allowed you to experience during our last week’s seminar. 

These times together are precious and will serve you well, if you feel called to attend. Not all will be attracted to enter this pathway of light, but those who are guided and led will come, and these people will make a huge difference in the building of the new earth - there is no doubt about that!

Beloved ones, we have today revealed information that the channel had no inkling or knowledge about. So please, do not ask her any questions as she personally has no idea about the information she is transcribing and bringing through! If you follow these messages more will be revealed and the pieces of the puzzle will begin to come together. If anyone who reads this feels they are a part of revealing and discovering this energy that creates worlds and how to eventually tap into it, contact the channel and we will - if your heart is of pure intent - educate you on the wonders of the universe in a private consultation.

Blessings to you all this wonderful day. We love you and we adore you, and we accompany you on this evolutionary journey back home, to the light and the wisdom of all that is. Allow yourselves to be cleansed and cleared of all the unnecessary clutter in the meantime and we will reconvene next week.

Adieu and Hallelujah! Your brother Adama. We are complete.

Sue - January 8th, 2015 

Beloved ones we greet you this day with much excitement and news! There have been many unexpected changes in the developments of your earth and society in general. Your efforts of the past twenty years have had a huge impact on the general population. Even though to your eyes it may seem as if nothing has changed we assure you that, in the hearts and minds of humanity at large, society is changing at a rapid pace. 

It is time to introduce your ideas and the projects you have been holding in your hearts for the past twenty years. It is time to introduce the hungry populace to the ideas and possibilities you have envisioned. They are ready and awaiting your assistance and guidance on how they too can make a difference in your world. It is not so much a matter of how you do this but when. The time is ripe, and we urge you all to make the necessary moves, guided of course by your own divine selves, as to whom to talk to and approach with these ideas. There has never been a time more potent with new ideas than this. You have all been speculating for so long that the pot is about to boil over, and we ask you to allow the contents of your particular pot to be shared with those around you in whatever way and with whatever means you have at your disposal. Ask for inspiration on how to get started and the inspiration will come. 

You have a been on hold for so long you began to wonder if your ideas were not just truly pie in the sky and we tell you, NO they are not delusional. They were divinely inspired, and you have been nourishing these seeds in your heart for a long time to allow them to flourish on another plane of consciousness so that you could implement them into your reality now. Yes, NOW is the time to begin these long awaited projects of old that you thought would never come about. There is an urgency in our message because the world is ready to hear what you have to say. Everyone is looking for solutions and you may have the solutions they are looking for! Harbor these truths no longer for yourselves, share them and see who resonates and has some ideas and is inspired to join forces with you. All will fall into place. Do not be afraid. It is time to begin these projects of old and start anew. You are the way showers, and we ask you to now take action and begin what we showed you long ago. It is time. Ask and you shall receive all the divine assistance you need to enable everything to flow and be followed through with ease and divine grace. These ideas that you thought would never come to fruition are about to be born physically into this new realm of consciousness. 

Do not be afraid, for nothing can manifest in this higher consciousness that is not for the highest good of all. It will simply fall away and cannot exist, so fear not to make the same mistakes again as this will not be possible. Everything that will work will evolve and anything that is not of the highest frequency will not. 

These ideas need to be implemented in a very grounded and practical way. No airy fairy, spiritual nonsense should be involved. Honesty, purity and clarity are important, goodness and purity of heart are essential. Everyone who resonates with your project will have a piece of the puzzle. These projects are to be joint efforts. Each one will have their area of expertise, and please allow those people to flourish in their particular area. You will have yours and they will have theirs. You, alone, could never bring about the enormity of these projects. You need a qualified team of united souls who have the same vision. Allow each person to fulfill their part and it will unfold with more ease and so much divine grace than you could possibly even imagine - and we mean everything!

So, beloved ones, be courageous and make your move. Share your ideas with others as guided now by the heavens. We love you, we adore you and we urge you to trust our words and yourselves. Pray about this and you will individually be shown what your next step is and how to move forward with your project. You cannot fail unless it is not in alignment with the highest good for all, and what is not in alignment will be corrected and then moved in the appropriate direction. These projects are divinely inspired in preparation for this time of restructuring and rebuilding the way everything works upon your earth. It is time beloved ones, fear not, be courageous and take the necessary steps that you are guided to take and you will be amazed at how easily all the pieces of the puzzle come together as the time is NOW!

Call on our assistance to continue to guide you through this process. It will be the most exciting time in your life and the moment you have all been waiting for. So act when you feel it is right for you and trust in the divine unfolding of this wondrous plan orchestrated from the heavens where we have a bird’s eye view of the entire situation prevailing upon your earth. You only have a very limited view and only hear the awful news you see on television or read in your newspapers. You really have no idea what is going on behind the scenes, but we do and we tell you now is the time!

We wish you all the courage, guidance, the integrity and wisdom to know who to speak to and when to take action. Good luck my beloved warriors of Light. My warriors of old you have waited a long time for this moment and now it has arrived. 

Blessings to each one of you God speed and adieu until we meet again,

Your beloved brethren from the heavens who watch over you constantly and monitor your progress.

Sue - January 6th, 2015

 Beloved ones, we greet you as we reconvene on the etheric* planes of consciousness. We know this time of transition has been challenging for some of you and we wish to encourage you to just allow the flow of energies that have been surrounding you to pass. Everything is in a great state of flux and at the same time a state of great peace. As you straddle the two realms of consciousness and they begin to merge you are experiencing all sorts of opposites that may sometimes alarm or disturb you. 

Be at peace with all of this and allow yourself to be taken to the new realms of consciousness where you are and will create anew. As you enter this new state of awareness it will seem vast and at first very empty, void of complications and the stuff that surrounds you at this present time. You know this is a vast place, a void, where all possibilities are available. You will feel and see the old just falling away on the outer perimeters. Things will appear for a moment and then just fall away and you will know they are not appropriate in this new realm of being. As you begin to settle into this new and vast unknown realm you feel very small, like a grain of sand on a huge beach, so small in such vastness and very aware that it is extremely important that everything you bring forth into this realm has only to be for the very highest and best good for all concerned. You do not wish to bring unnecessary clutter into this realm, nor feel the desire to do so. You wish to keep it as pure and pristine as possible. 

As you begin to relax into this space you feel the love that fills and surrounds you. Nothing else is necessary at this point - it is a blissful experience just to be this love and to breathe and expand with and in it. Nothing other than this energy can survive here, even the manifestations you wish to bring forth that are not for yours or the highest good of all cannot and will not manifest. So you see, beloved ones, you need not fear this new place that you are in and will be creating, you cannot make a mistake and you are being asked at this point in your time and evolution just to experience this place in your meditations.

Ask us to take you into the highest realm of consciousness of the new earth and ask to have an experience of what we are speaking about at this time. 

Our channel was taken there and spent approximately one hour in this state, it was difficult for her to return, for it was so peaceful and filled with nothingness. As she writes this she is still in a deep trance and the experience remains with her as she transcribes our message. It is like being in two places at once and experiencing both places simultaneously. We ask you all to experiment with this as the next step in your evolutionary journey into the new earth. Do not be afraid, just let go and feel the sensations. Some of you will feel more and some will see more, but however your experience it is good for you. In your first visit just experience the sensations and do not attempt to manifest, this will come later when you are more prepared. It is as if you are a new embryo just born into this vast awareness and need to acclimatize yourself to your new surroundings. So meanwhile, just relax and take the time to enjoy and integrate the new energies that surround you upon and in this plane of awareness. 

We ask you to experiment in your meditations until we reconvene to share more of your new life with you. We love you, we embrace you fully, and ask you to trust these journeys into the unknown. We are with you all the way, and there is absolutely nothing to fear. Until next week we bid you farewell and much enjoyment, relaxation and letting go in the new earth.

Blessings abound, forever yours,


*etheric - a field of electromagnetic activity in which many bio-chemical transformations take place.

 Sue - 29th December, 2014

Beloved ones we welcome you this morning to our seminar of light transmissions. We hope you had a restful sleep and are ready for our download of light? Then let us begin.

It matters not which day you are able to receive our seminar of light for there is always only this moment now, so worry not that you were unable to attend yesterday because of other commitments.

Let us begin by attuning your energies to ours - one moment while we do this. Relax everyone and enjoy. Breathe deeply and receive. We are forging new pathways of light within your physical temples. Just continue to receive and go with the flow of these energies that you will be downloaded with whilst reading this message. It would be beneficial if you would stop and take the time to assimilate the energies we are giving you and then continue reading. 

These messages are at the moment more about the energy transmission of light than the actual words. We are helping you release the residual energies that are locked into your vehicle and are blocking you from receiving a full activation of your light vehicle. Just allow these energies to surface in the next weeks and do not resist them, just give them space to be with you and surrender them to the divine without any seeming attachment to the way you are feeling or acting. Old patterns will surface, especially the ones that you dislike the most and hoped you had let go of! Do not worry, you have not gone backwards, you are just releasing from the very core of the human seed these energies of old that truly do not allow you to move forward fully into the light. We are sweeping the corners of your temple clean so that the new light transmissions may run freely uninterrupted by these old energies that are no longer appropriate to whom you are today.

During this final sweeping of the residual energies we ask you to be kind to yourselves as much as possible. We know how you feel about these old habits and we ask you to embrace them, have compassion for them and surrender them without any further ado to the Divine Mother who is waiting to relieve you from your burdens of old. They are not yours, they are collective substances that have been accumulated over eons, and you are the brave souls clearing out the closets of the mind of humanity. Soon this task will be complete and we can move forward into more beautiful alignments. First the residue has to be cleared and then we can truly begin our work together that will move you forward in leaps and bounds through your next evolutionary step.  

Feel the energies as they swirl in, through and around you. Go with the flow of these energies and relax. As we amp up your vibrations, the residue automatically comes to the surface to be released. Allow this transmission of light to fill you to the brim and relax as the overflow of old energy trickles away for eternity.  

Those of you who are drawn to this energy have cleared a lot of residual patterns already, and we are assisting you in releasing the last vestiges before we move fully and completely into the energy of the New Year which will bring with it many blessings for all of you. The coming year will be a year of great advancement for humanity. The purging for the star seeds and light workers will be complete for the most part, and you will be able to move forward into a whole new cycle of light integration as never before. These transmissions of light will have a very positive effect on your physical vehicles. You will begin to notice that not only will your emotional state improve immensely, but that your physical bodies will begin to rejuvenate for all to see. Everyone, including yourselves, will notice this over time. Your vehicles will become younger and more lithe. It will be as if years have been taken off your back, and you will find a new spring in your step and a bounce in your energy. It will be, as if you have, a new lease of life that will emerge from within without any former warning. It will gradually increase until you feel like a spring chicken again and with time everyone will notice and ask you what you have been doing! By that time they will be ready for the transmissions and you may refer them to us for their own process to unfold in perfect timing.

This process will unfold in stages as your cells will continue having to adapt to the youthing process instead of the process of aging that they were in. It is and will be a complete reversal. Hard to believe and comprehend, but you will see in time and as you reread our words that it is so.

We leave you now, beloved ones, to integrate this message and the energies contained therein. Enjoy this process and be kind and loving towards your ever evolving personalities that are confused by the process you are growing through. 

We love you, we adore you and we accompany you on this journey back to the light and the star from whence you came.

Your loving brother Adama.

Adieu until next week when we will reconvene and talk about your progress.

 21st December, 2014 - Mirra

The time has come for a new dispensation for humanity. The gold that is being released now for humanitarian purposes corresponds to the golden light being released now, in an explosion of abundance for all souls to partake in its flow and assimilation. 

The time has come to step beyond your limitations and assume the role of a leader. It matters not who you think you are, for your definition of self is entirely inadequate. So you see, my gentle ones, you are ready (believe it or not!), so, (ready or not! ) we say, you are ready to take on the mantle of success, abundance, and the truth. You shall wear my beautiful indigo blue mantle of peace and my snow white essence of truth and virtue, as you share with the world my rose pink aura of love and the magnificence of the essence of truth divine. 

Love is manifested, but truth has not--until this time, when all shall see the starlight of billions of souls in concert with heaven, expressing the truth of who they are. We cannot share with you enough how glad we are, how we rejoice in heaven and on earth, that this day has come! 

Welcome, starseeds, shine your light in all its brilliance upon the world stage! . . . and let my heart, my love, and the light of truth shine brilliantly forth as One Being of Divine truth and the magnificent light of the dawn of the new age . . . as the Mother and Creator of all worlds dances in divine partnership with the Father of Light, and the child of their creation is you, my magnificent ones. 

Oh how I have waited and longed for this time, as the rock of ages becomes the diamond light of now, the ascension into light of this dense world into the etheric counterpart and divine template of the wonder of worlds, birthing new universes of light and love . . . and you, my dears, are the authors and the co-creators of this wondrous new universe, in alignment with divine intention and the Supreme Will. 

The time has come. May truth descend and make right the way of the light, so that the love originally intended to bless this world with its radiance shall indeed find a home in the hearts of men . . . indeed, in all humanity and in all beings. 

The bell is ringing. Answer the call. 

Blessings, your beloved Mother.

I love you all so much!

and from St. Germain:

It is my intention to begin with the unrolling of funds for all humanity. Secret societies around the globe contain truths and gifts to be disclosed and presented in due course and right timing with this dispensation of light. Wait for it, in all patience, to trickle down through the channels and land upon your door steps with my blessings and all my love forever! 

and from Adama, High Priest of Telos, Agartha:

It is with great joy that I invite you to attend our many seminars of light-filled experiences to elevate your consciousness and bring you closer to our truths that we live daily and that will soon become your reality. 

Attend as many as you can of these seminars of light to prepare your consciousness for ascension, which is truly the integration of inter-dimensional light into all aspects of your life and being. 

The time has come, and we can no longer avoid the march of circumstances toward the one conclusion, the only outcome left to manifest; for the timelines have converged into one single moment, and we are ready for the dispensation to occur. 

Blessed are we all as we unite as one united humanity, above and below the earth's surface. 

We welcome you, we love you and we encourage you to participate in our training seminars, which will be given every Sunday in your time; but because there is no time, they are recorded in essence and the akasha is filled with its light!  

Bring your truth to us, and we will polish it and shine it and adjust it, so that there will be no more interference from the subconscious realm of humanity’s mind, and we shall see the flowering of a new age above and below the surface of the earth. 

May you be blessed, may you prosper, and may life become a circus tent with many rings of wonder and joy . . . all performing at once, with the divine audience cheering you on from above, below and all around you . . . in the light of truth and in the light of love divine. 

Our seal, our signature, our blessing is upon your time on earth, as you celebrate the birth of a new species and the joining of two universes, now one. 

Goodbye to the darkness and hello to eternity!

Enjoy! . . . in joy and in celebration . . . Hallelujah!


(Everything in parenthesis is Sue’s experience of the energy as she received Adama's message. Mirra experienced the energy also, as it was given to us.)

(We are spiraling down into the core of the earth) . . .This is the energy of pure essence, coming to rest in our heart chakras in the center of our chest. 

Just keep following the energy as it moves. This is the energy that creates worlds.

(Now it’s moving in a different direction, from the right to the left, up and down, and from side to side.)  

We are creating the patterns of perfection within your very beings, patterns of perfection that have never been present before, since you entered the earth plane many eons ago. These spirals of light are raising the frequency of your bodily cells and your consciousness into higher and more elevated states of awareness. 

(The spirals are now going all the way up again.)

It is impossible for you to recreate these patterns; you will have to just relax, and allow us to do this for you, for once you have surrendered to the process, simply following the spirals, you will begin to feel that you are completely surrendered to this higher force, this energy that creates worlds. This is complete and total surrender.  

As you re-pattern your entire nervous system and conscious awareness, you will become more and more aware of everything around you. You will begin to see the light of day in many situations. This is a gradual process, so as not to shock your bodily systems too much at once.  

If you are willing to allow us to assist you, your light, energy, and awareness will soon be fully comparable to ours here, within the Inner Earth. As we weave these patterns of perfection into your new DNA, you will begin to remember who you truly are and why you are here.  

The energy and the words we transmit to you will help you evolve and become the new race of humanity. This entire process will take place with joy-filled hearts and minds without any cares or worries about the future, because you will know with every cell of your being that we are One, and all is taken care of. 

Everything is always totally divine, no matter how it appears on the outside. Get into the habit of enjoying this moment now, without any worries about the next moment and how it will unfold. In your adjustment to this new timeline, you will have a whole new experience of life on Earth, and yes, you will have to adapt from your old ways of being, your old patterns and habits--but this will all take place with great ease and grace and little effort on your part.  

We are so pleased you wish to participate in our seminars. It is our gift to you, and we celebrate your immersion into the light and the Truth that we are ONE and the same.  

We love you and we bless you, and we ask you to enjoy this day, this great celebration upon the earth, as we celebrate you within the earth and your victories up until this moment now.  

We thank you for your continued efforts in always coming back to love. This does not go unnoticed, and we revel in your beauty and your willingness to surrender completely to your higher purpose and your mission in life.

Blessings to each one of you on this sacred day of your Winter Solstice 2014.  

Adonai and namaste.

Beloved ones, we leave you with many blessings and a pathway strewn with gold in every sense of the word.   


DECEMBER 15, 2014

Aloha Everyone,

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the most wonderful New Year ever!

Enjoy this very sacred time of bringing more and more of the Christ light within to the forefront!

With much love and many blessings from us both,

Sue and Mirra


Sue asked a question about the experiences she had had whilst giving two different transformational sessions recently. In both cases she and the participants receiving shot out of their crown chakras in an explosion of light, unifying the solar plexus to the crown and beyond in one unified field of light which was followed - in one case - by a renewal of every single cell in their body. One session was more about evolving consciousness and the other was more about integrating where they were in consciousness into the physical body. The first and second chakras have yet to be completed!

Mirra had had a similar experience while alone, but from the first and second upwards; so you see we are all completing our part! Enjoy!

We are always open and available for Skype sessions if any of you feel the calling!

December 15th, 2014


This is Mother Mary:

You have always been fully in the light. You were born and initiated into it when you were created, but the manifestation into your earth vehicle has not been complete in your personal awareness until now. Because the Earth herself is now ready to enter, dimensionally, her star self (her higher dimensional being which you call the New Earth) and you are creating a body of light in the New Earth, you are remembering who you truly are and always have been since your inception. If you had not always been this you could not manifest it; it could not be.

The Mother is a reflection of the divine light of the Father and he finds his completion, his fulfillment, his manifestation and his supreme divine ecstasy in her. That is why you say, "I am that I am", for I is the original concept and Am is the being; "that I am" is the realization of oneness, union and divine light. Congratulations!

Your question relates to your own realization. The totality of Being is already complete in its light, but you are remembering your star birth, going back, making a full circle to the memory of your creation, becoming the full embodiment of the supreme divine; and you will move from dimension to dimension in this full light, just as you are moving now into the realization of yourself and the earth as a higher dimensional being. As you complete this task you are ready for the next one for there is no end to the heavens of expanded spiritual bliss.


Everything is truly divine and totally in alignment with your individual soul journey. Whatever you are experiencing is exactly the way you need to go through and experience this integration of the Light, be it from the heavens to the earth, or from the core of the earth towards the heavens. Each of you comes from your own individual perspective, and neither one is better than the other, it is just the way that is best for you. Trust this unfolding process as you move higher and deeper to greater heights of awareness. In all ways you are delving into the depth and core of your being and at the same time ascending out and beyond the perimeters of what you have previously been able to attain. This is, as we stated before, an ongoing evolution of your soul’s journey and expansion in consciousness. This will never cease or end, for this is the ongoing evolution of a soul’s individual journey. It matters not where you are within this spectrum of development, for you all came in at different times for different reasons and with different goals for this particular lifetime. So wherever you are on the scale is your particular part of the puzzle for the whole. Some of you are working out this aspect, some of you are working on another aspect; and every single aspect is valid, important and a part of the whole picture. The whole is not complete or would not be complete without each and every individual’s learning process.  

So you see, beloved ones, no matter where you appear to be on your evolutionary journey, it matters not for you are exactly where you need to be for your particular evolution or evolutionary process. There is no higher or lower, or better or worse; for you are all completing your part as agreed for this new evolutionary step. If one of you are missing or falls away, we require someone to step up and take their position and complete this particular piece of the puzzle. So you see, beloved ones, each and every one of you incarnated on the earth at this time belongs to, and is an intricate part of, the evolution of your species and planet. So know that if you are playing one of the unfortunate roles of a so-called "bad guy", you agreed on some level to play this part so that others could expand and grow through it, as well as yourself. There is no "you" and "me", there is only US. We are all a part of the ONE BEING that has yet to be fully realized as the Light and a full incarnation of the Divine manifested in human form.  

This is the journey you are all participating in. So we advise you to let go of resistance and allow yourselves to flow with the stream and automatically be carried with it. As the light embraces the dark, and the dark embraces the light, you will all come in to one unified field of Light.  

This experience will be for each one of you, individually, in your own time/space reality, an experience that will happen when you are complete, when you are ready and in perfect divine timing. So please, beloved ones, let go of all attachments to any dates or time frames, because this is impossible to state with so many millions or billions of individuals participating in this process.

We hope you have gained some enlightening insights from our shared transmissions today that will help you be able to soar higher and dive deeper. Blessings to you all, beloved children of the rainbow! We love you, we adore you, and we enfold you in our love as always, The Mother of All.

October 28th, 2014 - DESTINY


When you are deciding your destiny, you give up control in surrender to a higher calling, and in this way you determine your life--not by what you think you need to do, for that is often distorted information, but rather, by what you need to do, really. This becomes the issue and the solution to unbalanced energies needing healing or releasing. 

Destiny, the word, is misunderstood. It is not an outside authority commanding you to do a certain thing, but an inner freedom to follow the desires of your heart which is what your God self wishes for you. Those who love God desire to give, to love, to serve and to be, not to do or try, effort or struggle. 

There is no imperative except listening to your own heart.  

Understand: destiny is not fixed, it is your choice. You have come forth as a vessel and a vehicle expressing love, joy, curiosity, wonder and bliss. The aberrations and so-called mistakes of nature are not meant to be evil, but to show an imbalance to you; so that in your suffering you are then guided in another direction to follow a new path of freedom and joy. 

Therefore do not ask me, "What should I do?", for I will never tell you this. Only I will support you in making your own decisions, from your heart; and that, my dears, is destiny. Blessed art thou who follow the desires of the heart and surrender your joys, loves, work and healing to my hands. I love you perfectly, without distinction or distortion and directly with all my heart of supreme compassion and ultimate love. 

Trust me to carry you past the obstacles in your life, depositing you directly on your path, just where you need and ultimately want to be. Trust me even if you don’t understand why you are where you are. Trust me to guide you infallibly and with great love into the arms of joy, bliss and contentment. 

All is well.

I am Tara, the Mother and the Tao of freedom. I am the One flowing through all beings; I am the Life of Love's heart; I am your freedom, and I am your choice. Blessedness, abundance and sweet freedom abound everywhere, in all times, and especially in this very moment. 

Trust my love, be at peace.


Beloved ones, as we take this concept further, we discover that whatever you do is always alright. There are no mistakes or errors of judgment. Every step along the path is a learning of what feels right and what does not. 

So never chastise yourselves when you feel you have made an error of judgment; it was all a part of the plan for your own destiny and learning what you really do want. We love you so very much and we watch and support and guide you as much as we possibly can and are allowed; but the main voyage is in your hands, and you are at the helm allowing the Divine to guide you, or not!

 It is your destiny to decide which of these roads you wish to take: one of self discovery or one of total surrender to the divine within, and then discover what your highest destiny is. Neither is better or worse, just different outcomes and experiences which bring you once again closer to knowing within your own heart, what is the right road for you.

There is no higher path than the true path of deep surrender, which is a letting go at the deepest level of your being to the supreme force guiding you in every moment of every day. Being conscious and aware of this guiding light within is the key; being aware of how this feels and how that feels in each moment will help you know and decide whether this path is yours to follow, because it feels so filled with joy and excitement! Or is this path one that fills me with dread and despondency? If you are filled with dread and despondency at the mere thought, then this path is clearly not your highest destiny. But in the realization of the fact that it does not feel good, you are free to choose again, a higher destiny that feels utterly wonderful and completely in alignment with who you are. 

These are not mental facts or a question of a clear yes or no. These are deep questions that you find the answers to within your own being. You all have the most wonderful guidance system in place, and if it feels good and exciting and fills you with joy when you consider taking one path, then take it, even if you don’t know how it will turn out, or where this particular path will lead. It may seem extravagant or unrealistic, but just trust your heart and feelings and you will not only flow with the universal energy that creates worlds, but you will accomplish that which you wish and desire. If the path ahead fills you with questions and dread, this is clearly not your highest destiny and we would suggest you listen to your feelings, not your head, and follow the inner guidance, and you will fare well.

We love you all so dearly and hope that we have been able to clarify for many of you awaiting their destiny that it is not something to wait to be given to you or to show up in your life, it is something that is created by you and for you and with your participation. However, all in the right place and at the right time. 

Many of you have known what your destiny is to be, but have also known that it is not yet time to fulfill that God-given destiny yet. So you have waited patiently in the side lines for your cue to step into the arena and begin your mission. We wish to assure all of you that feel this way, that at the right moment in time, you will meet the right people and you will have the appropriate conversations and discussions, and it will be crystal clear to each one of you that it is time to join forces and create the divine destiny you came to accomplish long ago. Many of you have had this sense of waiting endlessly for it to be time. We wish to assure you that this time is fast approaching, so rev up your engines and begin to dream big once again! It is time to set the train in motion and begin anew, on a whole new track, in a whole new way, with entirely new people involved. 

Something that has never been accomplished on earth before is about to begin, and we sit watching you on the side lines as the last vestiges of the old grind to a halt and the new begins to slowly move down the new track, created by and for you. You who are here to help create the new Earth, the new world, you are my children, and you are the ones you have been waiting for. You are the ones that are to take the lead and show others the way. You have waited patiently in the side lines for it to be your turn to start to participate in an action-filled way, not just with your intentions, prayers and energy work. 

You are the ones we have been preparing and protecting along life’s journey for this very special time. You are the ones that we have all been waiting for. Here you are, at destiny’s door, knocking to come in; and when the time is right, the door will open and the floodgates of heaven will open and all of you will come flowing through to celebrate your victory and the steps so far achieved by so many of you wonderful beings of light dedicated to the service of the Divine Will. Divine Will is your will, they are one and the same--to be recognized by whether it feels good or not!

This is your destiny, beloveds: if it feels good then go for it! If not, let it be, and wait until something comes along that feels really good; then this may be the train you have been waiting for. You will know. In the meantime, surrender completely and allow me to carry you over the threshold to the other side where you will awaken into a newly created heaven on earth. There is no effort involved here, just a simple letting go of your own agenda and a constant reflection and reference to what your inner being wants you to do. If you don’t feel it, wait until you do, and even if you do it anyway, it matters not, for you will once again have found out that this is not something that is serving your highest destiny, and clarity is gained! Nothing is ever lost or a mistake!

There is much confusion at this time as the pendulum swings from one side to the other. Just observe and feel the confusion, but do not identify or get caught up in it. Watch the pendulum swing, and know that soon these confusing feelings will pass which are emerging from the mass confusion on the earth at this time. The most profitable advice I can possibly give you is to take time to be alone with me, to take time to go deep within, so that you have that deep inner connection with the Being that We Are. From this place of knowing, peace, and quiet, you will be and feel inspired to take appropriate action--if it is time to take any action at all! If not, you will gain the benefit of grounding your energies and bringing yourself back into balance. 

This is a constant process of evolving that never ceases and continues all the days of your life. There will always be a choice to interact in this way or that, but you know the way that brings you joy and a good feeling within. Go for this feeling every time, no matter what, and you will be well on the way to fulfilling your destiny, your love, your happiness, your joy and the completion of your soul's contract.

We love you, we adore you, and we bring you all great tidings of great joy this evening as we prepare to crack open the shell of the newborn chick and enter into this evolutionary moment in your time/space continuum. 

Blessings abound, beloved children of the Light! We love you beyond measure. 

Blessed be. I am your Mother. I am your love. I am your destiny!

October 19th, 2014


Oh beloved ones, the Mother of all mothers wishes to greet you, sweet children of the light. 

Do not be afraid of the coming changes. We have prepared you many times; our messages gave meaningful insights of truth and education. Liberation from the pain-filled reality that you abide in comes through as we guide you into the new. 

It is time, beloved ones, it is time. 

The crack is the dawning of the new light. The crack in the skull that you perceive is the breaking through that layer of resistance that is so hard, like the rock-hard skeleton of the crown. 

This resistance must be allowed; you cannot annihilate it, you must allow it to open gently--a gentle crack, a little bit of light at a time, otherwise the scull would break, the form and shape of the human being is changing and nothing is more resistant than the bones. This is the place that is calcified, hardened, and as the light emerges, the body begins to open itself into space, into emptiness, through the zero point which is the doorway of light . . . and the breakthrough comes. 

Your future as a species depends entirely on your ability to allow the crack in the resistance to open wider and make a greater doorway and opening to the light. Because your future is the light world, you are stepping into a world of light, freedom, joy, a dimension made up of the energy and consciousness of light. 

Now is the time. Why do we say this again and again? We say it because you need to know that what you have been waiting for, the time of change, is here. It will not be another catastrophe like before. When you went through this time before, civilizations were destroyed. This time, you are protected. 

The earth herself wants you to live--so your changes, your breakthrough into light are happening in the body while you are alive. 

All of the angels surround you, helping your body adjust to these changes. Your body doesn’t know what to do with this energy and light; it needs to expand and grow, but it doesn’t know how to do that on the third dimensional level, which in a way no longer exists. The hard forms of matter are all breaking up, breaking through, opening to light . . . and your society, your work, your loves and your body, all of these things are filled with light, transforming into new creations. 

There is no going back. Some people choose not to stay here and to observe from heaven, but those who stay are committed to allowing this resistance to be accepted and loved . . . and in the holding and embracing of your own resistance, on whatever level and in whatever way, is the key to change. 

You cannot break through and survive the changes unless you love yourself. Only if you accept yourself as you are, can the light and energy expand, heal, transform and be allowed to create a new world . . . only if you love yourself. 

I am your Mother, and I say to you, when you are needy, in pain, in suffering, come to me. I will hold you, love you, care for you with all my heart. So come to my breast, lay your head in surrender upon the earth and allow yourself to blend with nature. Nature is changing, opening to these energies, and if you let me, I will hold you and help you and guide you. 

If you trust your Mother, your own nature will naturally change, effortlessly, without your trying, you will be transforming; but you must accept your resistance. The hard skull, which does not wish to crack open, needs to be told it is safe to let go, it is safe to die, because in this process of surrender you will not die in the old way by leaving your body, but you will go through the same doorway as you do in death, while in the body. 

Your body is immortal, accept it. Let your body release the energy of death by loving it. Let yourself surrender and trust and be freed; the fear of death must be allowed to be held in my arms. This is the basic resistance, fear. 

Let me love you, your fear, anger, hate, pain, regret, doubt; let me love everything you resist; let me love you as you are. 

I have come as I did through Mother Mary, as a mother for your new birth. I am love, my compassion is endless, trust me, let me hold you. Come into my arms, my heart is as vast as the Universe, rest in me. Let go and trust me. I will help you to be born again in a body that shall never die.

Now is the time.

I am your Mother and I bless you with my love. Go in peace into your world, knowing there shall be an end to suffering and it is coming now. Trust me, trust me. I love you. 

Oh my beloved children, I am the voice of the earth. Trust me, trust me. I love you.


So as you see, beloved ones, all you need to do is to relax and allow yourself this time of deep integration, loving yourself more than you have ever loved anyone before. 

This is your challenge, this is your work; this is your agreement with me, your Mother, your lover, your friend. I am you, and you, beloved one, are me. Would a mother despise and hate her children? Never in a million years! So why, oh why, is it so difficult for you all to love yourselves? 

This is all I am asking you to do. This is your mission, your purpose, and your assignment. There is nothing on this sweet Earth that is more precious and more important than that you love and finally accept who you are--your humanness, your bodies, your negativity, your love, your despair and your disagreement with life as it is. There is nothing more for you to do than to accomplish this. This is your work.

So beloved ones, please, please, finally accept you are my love, you are Me, and we are doing this together. We are helping one another with this mission, with this great task. Your world as it is cannot transform until you can accept fully and completely yourselves and all your human imperfections! What a concept, beloved ones! The transformation on your planet depends upon this. 

So decide to let go of your constant resistance to your humanness, and allow yourselves to love yourselves, as these precious, precious beings who offered to come and go through this doorway into the Light many, many eons ago.        

You are my children, you are my heart, and my love is always with you, no matter what emotion you are feeling and however unspiritual it appears to be! We want you to finally laugh at yourselves and your seriousness about all of this. Let all this spiritual poppycock go, and allow yourselves to surrender to my heart, and you will be free.  

We hope we have been able to transmit these messages loudly and clearly, not only in words, but energetically, so that you may begin to let go and allow this transformation to take place in your bodies. This is where it’s all happening now, not in the heavens, not with the hierarchy, but with you--in your pure simplicity and the beauty of your physical bodies.    

Appreciate your beautiful bodies and all they accomplish every second of every day and night, without you interfering or telling them what they need to do! They automatically know how to live, and now it is your turn to learn how to live as well! Up until this point you have, for the most part, merely existed. This is where the dissatisfaction with your lives comes from, because you know without a shadow of a doubt that you came to do something important, and this is it! Transforming the physical body in a conscious process of releasing and acceptance of all that is, will lead to where the body transcends this reality and emerges gracefully into a much lighter and brighter physical form, known as the Light Body. There is no manual on this process, although some have developed programs that assist this process; but for the majority of you humans, this process is taking place in a natural and evolving way.  

We hope that our messages this evening have helped you understand and finally accept yourselves as you are, magnificent beings of light and love, that are here to assist in the transformation of your planet. There is nothing more important than this. This is why you are here, this is what you came for and this is what you are here to do. We hope to hear and feel your relief as you finally relax and accept who you are!  

We love you beyond measure and embrace you always with our loving arms and heart. Come nestle with me and allow yourselves to be loved.  

Blessings beloved children of the light. We are the One. One heart, One mind, One love. 

August 6th, 2014

While we were preparing for the storms headed for the Hawaiian Islands, we had a quiet moment together. In this time some messages came from the Mother and Beings of Light, so we thought we would take this opportunity to share Her loving protection and reassurance with all. These messages seemed to be a metaphor for the storms of change that our world is facing, and guidance to trust in the safety of the light of Truth and the power of Grace that are blessing our transition into a new world of divine love and joy.


I spread my mantle of protection and grace over these, my beloved Islands of Light of the new dawn. They are the footsteps of God upon the earth.  

I give my elemental kingdom and the genies of light permission to push back the remnants of this storm . . . that her robe and circle of destruction shall spiral up and away and dissipate into the clouds . . . that she may release her fury in harmlessness. 

Those who walk upon the earth, the flying things, and swimming beings in the deep blue shall hear my call and find shelter beneath my wings of faith and pure surrender . . . moving into the light in love and joy and celebration of the end of the dark power and the old way. 

Keep your faith and hopes high, for the new light is dawning, and give me your fear and resistance to the will of the One whose vision holds even the tiniest and most delicate flower in its arms of loving grace.  

I am with you. Fear not, be not afraid of the dark, for beyond the power of this being--whom you call a storm--are the wings of angels whose task it is to carry light and healing and blessedness in its wake. 

All is well in the hearts of my children. Carry on, and put your face toward the light that is coming. I am your strength, I am your soul, I am the Dove of sweetest Peace. Hold your hearts open, that I may find you in the midst of the storm, and carry you into the safety of the Truth. See through the veil and know my meaning, for this message is meant for all. 

I come with glory in my wings, and victory, riding upon the wind! I am your Mother, and you are my own. My kiss and my benediction are upon you, in loving certitude of our divine victory. 

I leave you in the peace beyond understanding, and in the knowledge of God’s victory.

 The Mother 


Rest in my sweet peace and know that all is well.

The storm approaching serves to create a huge change in your world. Nothing will ever be quite the same again, and this is good, for we know your weariness with the wherewithall of this world.  

You have tarried long on this earth and held the light for victory to come. See this storm as an opportunity to dissolve and blow away the remnants of the old world that are vanishing beneath the surface of the seas. Know that what lies beyond these days ahead will serve you well, uplift your hearts and minds, and hold you in the light of joy everlasting.  

You have been committed, through this entire preparation for the storm, to your own inner peace. You have done well, my beloveds.  

As the rain washes away the old one last time and it dissolves into the earth, a new day will truly dawn on your sweet earth, a new day for all, not just for a select few . . . for in the light that is fast approaching, a whole new beginning is upon you . . . new opportunities, new ideas and inspirations, along with technologies that have long been hidden from your sight.  

It is time, my beloved ones, it is time; and we shall be victorious. We ARE victorious.  

So be it.

Revel these days, in a place of peace and joy within your own hearts, never doubting for one moment that nothing is amiss. Trust and know that everything is just fine, exactly as it should be; relax and enjoy these days together as the storms come and go and prepare yourselves for your new future, for your new beginning, your new and wondrous now. Feel yourselves held within my wings, enfolded by the arms of peace and the true knowledge of our Victory.  

Celebration is surely at hand, and soon, my Beloveds, we will sing and dance and celebrate as one, reunited in the completeness, serenity and wholeness of who we are.  

We love you, we adore you, and we embrace you with our loving arms, as always.  

. . . Your loving Mother and Friend.

Aloha dear friends,

About a week ago Mirra and I received a short but urgent message from Christ and Mary Magdalene saying; "The Storms of Great Change were upon us, but that it was all for our good." 

They explained that it was as if we were zig zagging towards a goal and suddenly the direction was changed, but it was a very positive change of direction!

We proceeded to have storms all week on Maui and around the Hawaiian Islands and the energy felt very different. Some of us felt stormy and unbalanced inside and we knew something was up, but had no idea what!!! 

For me, it felt like the last vestiges of my old beliefs and patterns were surfacing to be released once again! I was clearing out the old and making way for the new, on all levels, emotionally, mentally and physically! 

Yesterday, I finally managed to get to the beach for a swim and floating in our beautiful ocean, I surrendered completely to the Divine Mother. 

I was done with all my struggling to try to maintain the old!!! 

Mirra called me shortly afterwards and came round to visit and we were blessed to receive these absolutely beautiful messages from The Divine Mother. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. We both proceeded to lie down and integrate the messages for an hour afterwards. I felt the Divine Mother holding me in her loving arms as I surrendered to love.

We thoroughly recommend you do the same! 

I could hardly stagger to my bed. I don't know how Mirra managed to drive home, but she insisted she was OK!  

With much love and infinite blessings for our awakening now!

Sue and Mirra

July 22nd, 2014 Mirra

Be still, and go very, very deep within. Touch the bottom, the floor of your being. In this core of who you are, a magnificent birth is manifesting; a new you, a new being is emerging. This truth, this essence needs to be mined like gold, sought after with all your strength, will and love. Now is the moment of the birthing. We have come so far, we have come to the edge, to the moment of truth; and now there is no where to go, to run, to hide from the truth inside. Open your heart to your whole self, bless all of you with the embrace and power of acceptance; love every cell, every breath. Give yourself moments of total abandon in which nothing matters but this seeking and loving of the God you are. Oh my beloved children, my dear ones, I have come to the end of my patience with the light. It is time for the unfoldment of my new Life, of my heart--in the body of God. You are my truth; in the world, you are my expression. I love you, I want YOU to experience union with the very breath of life, and oneness with the body’s destiny. No more shall there be a separation called "death", necessary for ascension. Your ascension is revealed through the dream I have created of birth into the merging of all time and all dimensions; in this magnificent Event in which the Christ is manifest as One Being. I have waited long that all my children should taste this joy together in a family of light, and now I rejoice that my birthing pains are done . . . and my life is created anew in the strength of the Divine Purpose, made complete and in peace, resting. For in this moment in time, there shall be no more resistance to my fate of utter joy and celebration of spirit. You have come Home at last. Awaken in my arms, awaken, and rejoice. The Mother of God. Questions: Beloved Mother of God, You said, “You have lost your patience with the light.” What do you mean? When you understand that this birth is for all, you understand that there has been a prayer that as many as possible be ready to receive the Gift that is ready to be given. So, no matter when it occurs for you (since there is no time except in your perception), if the awakening is for all, then all shall experience it simultaneously, no matter their perception of time. And since it is experienced within, it does not matter where in space you are. There is no need now for patience, for the light is no longer opposed to the dark. In this Oneness, there is no resistance to anything that exists, and the dark has fallen in love with the light, and surrendered itself to the arms of God. I am not patient when I am giving birth, for I know that my time has come, and nothing shall hold back the birthing of new worlds--no concept, no duality, not time or space--for I Am That beyond these things. I Am That I Am, and I Will that this dimension be freed from its pain. Heaven and Earth have announced their marriage, and in the moment of Union, a new universe is born.  

I have not lost patience with you; I have lost patience with the idea of waiting and the separation of light and dark, time and space, duality and oneness. These things have fallen in love with each other and resistance to this merging is no more, only ecstasy remains. The cry of the wild heart of love--lost in the surrender of self to Infinite Being--is heard, echoing across universes. The Great Bell is ringing, and all souls are summoned to my feet. I stand upon the threshold of a new creation, and in the dying of the light of the past, is the creation of a light eternal, in which there is no forgetting and no eventide. It is a fulfillment of my Promise, the end of a long journey, returning home. For no matter what you have experienced, and believed to be separate from when you began, you never left my heart. This is the secret of a mother's love. So all we have to do is go within, is that correct? I have told you, that the world will turn itself inside out; and it is true, there will no longer be an inside and an outside. This time when you go within, you shall remain there, no matter what you are doing, no matter what the appearance is; you are inside of your heart and everything that happens is within this love, within the body of God. When it happens to you, no more words will be needed for understanding, it will be clear, effortlessly evident. Truth is always true on every level, all the time. You will walk in truth. I hold you now in this place of expectancy, that you may trust my love and cherish the moments of your life leading up to this final release. Walk in peace and let me hold you as the last wailings of despair fall from the lips of a suffering humanity. Let me hold you, and trust in my love.  

Sue: From this place of deep surrender to me within your own heart, you will awaken to the truth of who you are, and of course, have always been. In this place of complete Oneness, of complete surrender to who you are, you will know no fear; you will know only peace and infinite joy, no matter what appears to be happening around you. As you rest, my dear children, in this place of deep trust, you will know every next step without ever having to think about it. It will be, or life will be, a natural unfolding of every now moment in oneness with your Creator; no more separation, no more duality, no more wailing in pain and sorrow. You have no idea how I have longed for this moment when we would be One again. We were never separate, but you thought we were, and now you will never forget again that we are joined in the heart of God--forever unified, from the very core. Rest now, my beloved children and know there is no more striving to achieve this state. It is and always has been your divine birthright. All you have to do is accept it and know that it is true. The divine Company of Heaven surrounds your precious earth and hold the energy for this new birth for all of humanity. We have always aimed and strived to achieve that no one be left behind. In your heart of hearts you have always known this to be true, and have continued to "keep on keeping on" with your patience--awaiting the time, the divine moment that has now arrived, to be finally upon you. My weary warriors, we know you are tired of this long, long journey; and no one rejoices more than we at this great accomplishment. Be still now, go within and take time out to integrate this message of divine truth and the promise of a new beginning for everyone. We love you, we adore you, and we hold you in our infinite embrace. Rest in our loving arms, and surrender completely now. Susan Michele Moll

Two beautiful messages from Lord Krishna

that uplift and elevate

July 6th, 2014 Sue:

As you rise up above the maya of human consciousness, you begin to have a birds’ eye view of life on earth. If you choose to--in any situation--rise above and beyond it, you will see that everything looks the same from this higher perspective; there is no judgement, no comparing, no soliciting of views, just a pure acceptance of what is. As you all begin to gather on this plane of consciousness, you will have a truly wonderful time, for here resides your true spirit, your true Self. So we would ask you all to attempt, on a daily basis, to begin your days in preparing yourselves to raise your consciousness and to attempt to abide there in this beautiful, nonjudgemental place of peace. As you all begin to do this regularly, you will begin to notice in great joy that life can be fun, and need not be taken quite so seriously, as you have done in the past.

From this place of perfect peace, your heart will be inspired in new and wondrous ways; the excitement you will begin to feel will not only be inspirational, but extremely satisfying to your soul.  

As you begin to follow the nudgings of spirit, more and more, you will realize that you are living in a different dimension; you no longer need to feel or participate in the pain and suffering that once surrounded you. 

This is homework for the week: try to accomplish this more and more each day and the results for your individual selves will be miraculous, to say the least. We wish you joy and laughter on your journey to the New Earth that resides in you. We love you, we adore you, and we celebrate your victory. Blessings . . . until we meet again! 


This is the Lord of Love of all of Creation . . . the One above all turmoil and strife on your dimension and plane of being . . . whom you call, affectionately, Lord Krishna . . . the one who plays, the one who loves. I have called you forth to create a new world for all the elemental forces of nature to play and dance together in the sweetness of a new Creation. As your earth renews herself, I come again to bless nature with new love, light and colors beyond what has been in your world.   

I wish that those who have known me bow down once again to beauty, in awe and wonder at the poetry of existence. I blend my energies with the the devotees of love and adoration of Spirit, that they may experience ecstasy. I bring my wave of dolphin joy and the magnificent grandeur of the ancient trees alive upon your earth, as nature's heart expands and weeps with the sweetness of new birth. Give me your heart, that I may paint it anew, in colors and fragrance and music divine. Rise up in hope and in the certitude that my light of perfection shall be established in peace and harmony upon a blessed earth, whose very soil shall sing in celebration of the new light dawning.  

These beings you call Gods are returning as essences, glittering drops reflecting the prism of Divine sunlight shining through the crystalline beauty of your new Earth . . . renewed spirit, jubilant nature. A glorious humanity and a silently celebrating plant and mineral kingdom offer up their delight . . . in miracles of sound and waves of radiant bliss . . . for all the Universes to hear and join in to the vast symphony of God's celebration.  

No more sorrow . . . let tears of joy and the creation of new species and the flowering of mother earth be the gifts offered at the Temple of all Beingness, and may your heart be hushed in silent and profound gratitude that this ascension has begun. Around you the angels gather, and rejoice in your souls' victory . . . and the Celestials crown your beings with streamers of new lights never before experienced in human embodiment . . . for this is a new creation, a marriage of worlds, dimensions, universes . . . this is heaven on and beyond your sweet earth. Carry this promise, this dream of light, within your very cells . . . and allow yourselves to flow into a new way of being in effortlessness . . . and dream of more and more vistas of new creations.  

I give you my paint brush . . . become my artists and design new worlds to revel in. Come my children, and play with me . . . for as you adore the Supreme, the Supreme adores you, and carries you on rapturous wings into new heavens and new earths to come. 

Lord Krishna

Message through Sue, On the Wesak Full Moon, May 14th, 2014

Beloved ones,

Greetings from the Divine Mother of All!

It is a time of great rejoicing for you, and for many who will read and resonate with this message. 

It is a time of New Beginnings, where each one of you gets to redefine and express how you wish to create and experience your life in the future.

It is literally like a new birth and a whole new beginning, as truly each day is! 

Today we ask you to start reflecting on how you personally wish to start living your life anew, letting go of the old outworn habits that no longer serve you, and redefining your personal goals and wishes.  

Ask yourselves,

"What have you always wanted to accomplish? What would you like to create in your life, who is to join you and what is this new way of living going to look and feel like?" 

There are many factors to be considered as you are making sure you do not recreate what did not work before, and focusing on bringing forth into your lives all that you wish to experience. Take your time in writing your new script and feeling deeply your dreams and wishes, contemplating first in meditation and then asking for step-by-step guidance on how to proceed.  

You are the creators of your reality, and the time is now to develop a part of yourself which has never been expressed before. Your feminine power, beauty and strength is beginning to grow. It was not the time or place for this before; it is only now through your evolution that this seed is able to develop and grow. 

Be sure to be kind and gentle with the new growth, and care for it daily, to ensure that this new part of yourself grows into a beautiful flower that will share its beauty, scent and wisdom with many.

Enjoy and cherish this time of new birth and growth. Follow your hearts in every moment and be sure to listen to that still, small, quiet voice within to ensure maximum care and growth for the new seedling.

Blessings, beloved children of the light! We love you, we adore you, and envelope you with our love, always.

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Beloved ones, it is a time of great rejoicing and celebration, a time when you will realize who and what you truly are and have always been. 

There is an unveiling of the Truth for all to see and receive if they are open to do so.

It is a time of immense joy, and something you have waited for for a long, long time.  

As the unveiling takes place, you will gradually be able to perceive with your awareness more than you were able to ever see before with your human eyes. These energies have always been there but you were unaware of their Presence most of the time!

Soon you will be able to perceive it all, and will be amazed at the beauty and wonders revealed. Tap into these unseen energies now, and begin to communicate with them on a telepathic level. Develop a relationship and become acquainted with one another first, and as you become more conscious of their Presence they will reveal themselves to you in their full glory. These beings are here to assist you during the transition of your states of awareness, and as you move into higher and higher states of consciousness, much will become clear and revealed to you.

All this will take time to digest and integrate . . . so it will be a continuous and gradual process, otherwise you would be completely and utterly overwhelmed, dumfounded, and shocked, and therefore unable to function! Your full awakening will continue to be gradual, and gently all will be revealed for you to see.

Wondrous new ways of living and being, new technologies and so much more will come into your awareness, and you will wonder why on earth you never thought of this before! You could not have, because it was blocked by the veil until this time, so do not be hard on yourselves. Self love, acceptance, and forgiveness of all that has been and is, is the key. 

Rejoice, Beloveds, for we are closer now than ever before.  

We love you,we adore you, and begin the unveiling this day.  

Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

This was a message from our Beloved Christ through Sue.

February 6th, 2014 – Message through Sue

Beloved Ones there is so much transpiring at this time, on so many different levels, that it is difficult for us to even put this into words so that your consciousness can translate what is taking place. In order to truly understand this process of Ascension, see it as a de-scension of Spirit and, at the same time, a rising up of your awareness. Imagine something turning inside out, and in the process, the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top, until the process is fully accomplished. In this complete reversal, everything in your world is being turned upside down, metaphorically. 

If you contemplate this reversal, you will understand how you rise up, and the Divine comes down. The Divine does not lower its frequencies, but you must be committed to constantly raising yours, if ever the twaine shall meet! Again, we speak metaphorically, as you and the Divine have never left one another, and have always been and always will remain One Being. 

We know your linear thinking finds this truly difficult to comprehend. As it is really not possible for you to understand on a mental level, we ask you to go inside your hearts and ask Spirit to show you what we are trying to describe.

Sue’s description of what she saw and felt.

I saw a spiral unwinding, from the bottom to the top, which is the reversal. As we release each layer of the illusion we have been immersed in for so long, we finally end up with the Divine.

Originally, we projected from the Heavens as beams of light which became enmeshed with more and more dense and illusionary beliefs over time. Now we are releasing each layer, gradually climbing the spiral back home again.

We are to stop viewing this process as bad or wrong, just because we are facing things that were hidden and the process is not pretty or comfortable! 

This is truly not yours alone, but a releasing of fear and illusion-based consciousness on a planetary level thanks to each and every light worker who is willing to see, acknowledge, embrace, take responsibility for and forgive the past. You have all been on an evolutionary spiral down to the depths of despair and gradually, as you begin your aware and conscious Ascension, you are letting go of past patterns, beliefs, thought forms, and miasms. You are releasing extreme anger, pain, suffering and sadness, and most of all the guilt – the guilt that you sank so low!

It is time to finally and completely forgive yourselves. As each part of this unwinding unfolds, immediately give and release it to the Divine asking for forgiveness. Forgiveness is granted immediately by the Holy Trinity because there is truly nothing to forgive, and the One Being knows what you individually and as a collective are doing and rejoices daily at every bit of progress that is made.

The Divine Presence rejoices as you ascend the spiral and return home! There is nowhere you need to go, nothing you need to do at this time. If you are one of the committed team, accept and allow the unwinding to take place gracefully. Stop beating yourselves up because you are not perfect! You are serving as perfect vessels for this Divine unfolding and the return of humanity to full consciousness. Be proud of your commitment and the work you are undertaking for humanity! All those who receive this message are surely an intricate part of this team. 

We congratulate and celebrate you all, and wish you joy and peace on your journey back home!

Blessings galore to you, Beloved Ones. We Are One.

February 15, 2014 – Message through Mirra

These last few days those of you on the Ascension Team have had to deal with an intense "uprising" of deep, dark trauma that has surfaced for release. It is a time of healing for all, as these miasms seek relief from their pain, and like entities released from prison at last ascend into a transformed reality where their pain is no more.

Each one of these forms is indeed an entity. Filled and informed with energies from humanity, these miasms have grown and nurtured their pain until each has become a cloud of negativity. Together these clouds formed larger entities, and the group soul of humanity suffered with its own unconscious creation.

But the time for these dreams has come to an end. The higher vibrations of Love and Peace of the Divine Nature of Humanity dissolve each one as they arise, and transform each one into Peace. Hallelujah! All is well! The higher energies of the magnetic field of a fifth dimension do not allow the perpetuation of forms of lesser dimensions. This is the Law.

Now is the time for rest. Allow these energies to be released without judgment; and in the process of unwinding let go of your resentments, fears, and identifications with ignorance and the illusion of separation belonging to a lower density. These unrealities are your prison! 

It is necessary to understand the need for freedom granted by the Divine Self to explore the possibilities of duality and simply trust that these possibilities led to greater light for the Divine. How else could the light grow except through the embracing of darkness?

We have come, dear ones, to release you from your past.

Surrender everything to this process and trust the release.

I AM the ONE BEING, I AM your Love.




from our Star Brothers and Sisters,

The Great White Brotherhood of Light,

The Ascended Masters and The Christ

through Susan Michele Moll and Mary Carol Breckenridge

November 7, 2013 - Message through Sue

Information to Help Humanity Traverse These

Fast Moving Times of Enormous Change on Earth

Beloved Ones, welcome to Earth. You have arrived in the midst of what appears to be a chaotic node of influence. Do not be disturbed, for time has accelerated so much that you cannot keep up with it, so just sit down relax and let your attachment to time go! It is time! There is nothing for you to do but be in each moment now and follow and experience what is passing through your reality. Sometimes it might be very peaceful almost to the point of boredom, and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed as it appears that everyone seems to be pulling on your energy and wants something from you right now! This can feel very confusing and what you need to do is just say no, not right now, sit down and take care of yourself. Let the daily chores go and allow yourself to center and be with me as much as possible. This is the most advantageous step you can possibly take at this time of an accelerated time warp! Do not dismay beloved ones, this will soon be winding down to zero point and from this point everything will appear to stop for a while until everything begins to spin in the other direction just as fast! 

You will have to adapt yourselves to this new reality and there will be many daily demands upon your energy. Do what feels right to do and say no to the rest. You cannot be everywhere at the same time yet, so just pace yourselves sensibly and follow your intuition guidance at all times. If you feel to stay at home do so, it is never appropriate to do things to please others, as in the end no one will enjoy this time together. Be honest in your replies to demands on your time, and energy, and trust us there will be many! 

Everyone sees your Light, everyone senses your abilities and gifts and they want what you have now! But their now moment is perhaps not in tune with yours, so schedule a time that feels peaceful to you and continue to take care of yourself and your immediate needs before taking care of those that are demanding your attention now!

These lessons are to be learned and are of utmost importance. Be clear with your boundaries and what you are able to offer today and what you are not.

There will be the perfect timing for everyone concerned, but wait until your gut feeling says yes. As the light increases the quotient of divine energy coming from the great central sun increases and becomes more potent by the minute. This energy requires time to adjust to in every phase so please allow yourselves time each day to simply sit and meditate and be at peace, even if the rest of your day is filled. These quiet moments will serve you greatly and will assist you in integrating all of the new energies available at this time. 

~ Your beloved Brother Jesus the Christ.

The Crystalline River Of Light

from the Great Central Sun Meditation

The crystalline river of light from the great central sun is a gift for you to utilize daily. Imagine as you sit in a deep place of meditation and peace of mind that you are sitting under a magnificent waterfall and that the energy is flowing in through and around you to cleanse and clear the old energies from all of your bodies and allowing the cells to be ignited and infused with this new crystalline vibration of Christ Light. This energy will gradually transform your physical bodies from carbon based to crystalline based. You are as human beings in the process of being completely rewired from the inside out. This takes place when you are at peace so this is why we cannot stress enough the importance of allowing yourselves plenty of down time until this integration process is complete. The more time you allow yourself to be still the quicker you will transform with ease and grace. Please do not forget to ground your energies and allow this crystalline river to flow right through you to the core of the Mother Earth.

Through this magnificent process she will in turn feed all the meridians of the Earth with this magnificent gift of light, and all who walk upon the Earth will receive this light, not only from the heavens but through their feet. This way you can assist the entire planet and humanity to transform at the same time, which will enable your experience to become more and more delightful with ease and divine grace. This is what we wish for you the most, it is time! You may also ask before you go to sleep that the transformation process of your DNA will continue during the time your body sleeps. You must set the intention as we would never intervene without prior invitation to do so. 

Please be aware of the process that is happening now and participate as much as you possibly can. Inform other like minded people who are open to this information, especially when they are suffering from the accelerated time phenomena. This will help everyone immensely.

We bring this message of love to you today as we see how you are all struggling with the increasing demands of daily life, and you simply have to decide for yourself what you can do and what will be too much and does not feel right at this time. Be flexible and listen within for the calling of your heart.

Blessings to one and all. We love you, we adore you and enfold you in our loving arms in the hope that you will see and feel our presence. Be at peace and rest as much as possible as greater changes will be upon you in an instant. Take this time and utilize it well, for your personal and planetary integration. You are all not only going through the motions individually, but those who are aware are assisting those who are not aware of what is happening on the planet, so no wonder you feel pulled and tugged in many different directions at once! Returning to center yourself in a quiet space is your only safe haven at this time. We bid you adieu until we meet again. Aloha beloved children of the crystalline rainbow from the Great Central Sun.

 ~ Your beloved Brother Jesus the Christ.

October 15, 2013

My Beloved children, we come to you this day in expectancy of the wondrous events that are about to unfold in your now. It is with great pleasure and gratitude that we gladly inform you of the coming changes ahead.

Do not be afraid, there is nothing to fear but fear itself! These past few days much has been accomplished by each one of you. We know it does not appear as if anything is taking place, but just beyond the veil that is dissolving by the minute a magnificent new moment prepares itself to awaken and unfurl like a flower bud as its petals begin to open. 

Please, beloved ones take time - each one of you - to be at peace, calm and ready to receive all that we have to give you. Gifts of great magnitude await your acceptance to be received. It is only with an open heart and mind that you will be able to register and receive these wondrous heavenly gifts. The physical, emotional and spiritual will be transformed, transmuted on every level, from a caterpillar into the most magnificent butterfly that is instantly able to flap its wings and fly. Fly, beyond your wildest dreams, hopes and imagination. You will see and will be pleasantly -to put it mildly - surprised!

There is only one thing that holds you apart from this being received and accepted. It is the element of fear! Please, beloved ones give up all your worries whether they are about money, relationship or family. These unnecessary worries simply drain you and leave you empty, feeling exhausted by the trials of physical life. Whereas, if you put your complete trust in me and release all your unnecessary worries to me I will transform them once and for all back into the Light. Rest - even for a day - in the knowing that you are adored, loved, cherished and protected always. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Remember? Trust me I know!

Try, if first for a few hours, to let go and let God take all your fears. Then increase it to half a day, then a whole day and repeat again the next day. Soon you will be able to hold a light frequency that allows only joy, unconditional love to come your way. Experiment with this beloveds and remember I Am with you always. We love you beyond measure Aloha!

 ~Your beloved Brother Jesus the Christ.

Maui, September 20, 2013

Message through Susan Michele Moll

A Message of Love from the Divine Mother, Father


Beloved Ones, allow me to guide you through the darkness into the light. Allow me to be your friend, helper and guide on this journey back home, to the source of your creation and to the infinite love that surrounds and fills you always. All you have to do is be open to receive my love and allow me to hold your precious hand along this journey that has lasted for a very long time.

We are one in our heart of hearts; there is no difference between you and me. WE ARE ONE. Ponder this message and feel the energy contained therein. There is no difference or separation between you and me. We are One and the same.

Have you ever felt lost? Well, that is because you lost sight of me. Restore your vision, restore your faith. Just make a simple decision to trust in the Divine and all else will be given unto you. As long as you strive to be someone you are not or do something that is not in alignment with me, then you will fall and falter along the way. When you decide to trust only in me, your faith will be rewarded 10,000 times. Try this experiment with the promise I give to you this day. 

You are here for a reason, each one of you, and you will never know that reason as long as you strive to do and make things happen. When you surrender whatever problem you are facing to me, your prayers will be answered and you will be flooded with gifts and magical moments that will elate, elevate and flabbergast your very soul! Give me a chance, beloveds. As you well know, striving from the human perspective no longer works, so Let Go and Let God show you and reveal the way back into the Light.

I Am your Father, I Am your Mother and I Am with you always. You are loved beyond measure. Until we meet again in the stillness of your own heart. I love you.


May 9, 2013 – Message through Mary Carol


     In this time of transformation there are parting of the ways as well as upheavals caused by ego prevalence. Unseemly disturbances and occurrences are becoming more apparent. The dominate programs running with those who are awakened and ascending is Love, Peace, Harmony and Lightness of being with total trust in the goodness of the ever present Divine Presence. 

    Benevolent changes reflect divine turnarounds, and the ramifications of persistent disturbances and ego-driven actions are serious for those involved in the cause, although somehow a blessing to those involved in the effect. It is interesting to note that disturbances most unseemly are in sacred places. 

    Dispel any fears in the troublesome times and stay steady in your faith knowing that it is all in order to shift to a better way of being. It is part of the process of changes. We assure you that all are travelling the path to arrive at Love, Peace and Harmony in your world. It will be resolved for the good of all in divine right timing. Surprising turnarounds are likely to occur. Stay awake! 

    Conflicts arise between those who are in fear and those who are in peace. This is a time of clearing and cleansing, of letting go of the old – the old ways of being and stepping forth into the Light. You are experiencing personality shakes instead of Earth shakes. Be blessed by the personal shakeups for they are more specifically affecting beneficial divine changes. Authentic power is not forceful action, but is a divinely oriented gift from within used in benevolence.  

Be at peace,

The Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light  

May 3, 2013 – Message through Sue


    Great explosions of light from the great central sun will pass through the heavens as the electrons and milielectrons explode transmuting the patterns and miscreations of humanity that have been created over eons of time. As the explosions of light and sound take place before your very eyes, new patterns of perfection for the New Earth are formed and can begin to manifest on Earth enabling humanity to finally let go of all the pain and suffering of the past and are able to go forth and live in a whole new and unimaginable way.

    This transmutation of energy will take its time through the many levels through which is has been created but eventually the miscreations of the past will be cleared and cleansed and a whole New Earth, a new beginning for humanity may and will begin. With every breath you take the transmuting violet flame orchestrated through our beloved St. Germaine will cleanse to the core the patterns and misperceptions, the illusions that humanity has grown to believe are true, creating a whole new and crystalline core that will begin to manifest very quickly around you.

    This time is one of great celebration, and the accompaniment of heaven celebrates your victory with you as they too have been working ceaselessly to assist humanity at this time. When for example a fish is immersed in a bowl of water, it does not know it is in water until the water is no longer there. So it is with you, you do not realize you are filled and surrounded with the presence of the Divine until you feel the energy intensify or diminish. It just is!

    As the energy from the Divine Presence increases you will feel more connected and in tune with the Divine presence than you have ever done before, this is due to the increase in the light particles and electrons of light coming through from the great central sun at this time. This is the greatest gift the Divine could ever bestow upon humanity and this gift is to be appreciated and acknowledged by all those who feel it. As your acknowledgment of this great gift increases the energy itself will duplicate and increase, so the more you notice the more it increases. Be generous with your acknowledgments and gratitude for these great gifts and the transformation of the old earth to the new earth will proceed at the speed of light and sound for all of humanity, without further ado and great cataclysmic difficulties.

    All will simply dissolve and humanities eyes will be opened. One by one everyone will begin to see the truth and how they have lived and acted out an illusional reality. Each person will regret their misunderstandings, and mistakes of the past quickly realizing the only thing to do is forgive yourself, brush yourself off and begin again in a whole new way. This will all be possible in the days to come my beloved children of God, fear not for I Am with you through these times of recognition and realization of the past. It will be like a life review when you pass over to the other side through the death process. Nothing to fear, no judgment from anyone but a pure acceptance of this is how it was, this is how it is now. Forgiving yourself and deciding and setting the intention to live differently in the future. That is all it will take for you to transform, the Will and the Intention is all you require.

    We are with you beloved brothers and sisters and we accompany you every step of the way on this magical journey into the light of your new home. We love you and embrace you in our love and support always. Your brothers and sisters from the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. Adieu.

April 10, 2013 – Message through Sue


    Beloved one, we welcome you once again into the realm of pure unconditional love. It has been a while since you have been able to focus clearly enough to communicate with us, free from the worries of the world around you. It has most certainly been an extremely clarifying and intense time of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs surfacing to be reevaluated and released.

    No stone has been left unturned and “the shit truly hit the fan” for most of you as you individually and collectively struggled to clear and cleanse the past and all that truly did not serve you any longer. These things simply could not accompany you into the Shift of the ages. Your awareness had to be brought to the deepest core issues, perhaps even within your DNA and core cellular structure, to be gradually and sometimes not without pain and suffering brought to the surface to be released.

    It is time, for the illusions of the past that have filled most of your waking awareness to leave, for they simply cannot exist within the parameters of the new energy entering your planet. Simply stated, it is either let go and “die” to who you have been or stay in your physical body, release and fully let go of all that is no longer is permitted to accompany you. Then physically experience a new beginning, a rebirth of yourself, as the new and profoundly whole YOU!

    You always were whole and never broken. You just appeared to be, as you could not perceive your true self and the meaning for being here. Gradually, one by one, you are surfacing from a deep and intense retreat within yourselves, within your very cells! We know it has been an extremely challenging time, and for some it may continue in this way for a while until you are able to fully realize your luminous magnificence. Then you will Be Free! 

Because no one has been excluded from this deep cleansing process both individual and collective group efforts have had an incredible and awesome effect on the whole. As you are all One, what one accomplishes others are then able to find an easier pathway to do the same. It has a ripple effect like throwing a stone into a pool of water; the ripples move from the epicenter of the disturbance towards the outer rim in ever greater and expanding circles of light that have an effect on the whole. Be the experience positive or negative, it makes no difference. Everything is and always will be affected by what you think, say and do and how you evolve and grow into your true remembrance and sacred awareness of the One Being.

    As this journey into full conscious awareness continues, mainstream individuals, your brothers and sisters, will be perhaps requiring some assistance and guidance as to what is taking place in your world. Those of you who are already fully transformed, or just surfacing out of this metamorphosis, can definitely assist those around who need and require support. Share the wisdom you gained through your own individual experience. This alone will be enough to help those around you.

Allow your New Self to be birthed. Take the time you need to work your way out of the cocoon you have been in for some time. Begin to stretch your new wings and body, allowing the fullness of Who You Truly Are to surface and shine its light into the darkness that surrounds it.

    Everyone will be reborn, and experience a rebirth of the self in one way or another. Either through the conscious evolution of the soul in a physical body, or for some through the so called death process which will be the journey they choose. There is absolutely NO JUDGEMENT whichever way you choose to go. Whether you take the left or the right turn, your destination will be one and the same! So relax dear ones and allow those to move on who choose to do so with ease and grace surrounded by your loving acceptance of their individual choice of that particular journey. In the end you will all be reunited anyway! So relax, let go and let God show you the way into a New Life, a New Beginning and a Brand New Day.

    Our blessings and deep love surround and fill you always, your divine brothers and sisters from the stars who watch over your process and progress, constantly monitoring your achievements. Well done!

 February 2013 – Insights from Mary Carol


A new way to peel your apple - cutting around it is a metaphorical idea. Although there may be some ideas, beliefs or habits for which it would serve to “cut them out” instead of going around them by thinking you can avoid them. Avoidance does not create newness in how you go about your life. Eliminating old beliefs, ideas and habits that create limitations do not serve your highest good, so paring them away until they are gone is the thing to do.

When your creative Muse urges you to do something in a new way or manner, that is a gift from the realm of Infinite Possibilities. Try it, follow your guidance and you will find simpler more satisfying ways of accomplishing your chores, and your work of any kind will seem more like fun and will bring more Joy into your life!


If you should lose your patience, a good thing to do is to quickly replace it with Love and you will find your patience comes right back to you. A Course in Miracles teaches, “Infinite patience brings immediate results.” This is an absolute truth. Although the immediate may not be obvious to you until you let go of your frustration and practice some more patience with faith that the divine right answer is on its way to you.

 “Patience isn’t just a virtue. It’s a power tool in the construction of your greatest life.”(Tama Kieves). When we practice patience, we are connected to a higher consciousness and so we cruise along in the flow of divine right order.


. . . is sweet at the divine right moment. Is life a metaphysical journey at all times? Life is always teaching us something. As White Feather says, “Realize the Divine mystical presence within.” Magic moments surround us if we only have the intent to behold them – some, if only for a moment. And then upon some we may become fixated, and that becomes a meditation where the mind is quiet and merely a beholder of mystical magic.

What you perceive as reality is constructed by your mind. Slow down this mental action to a capacity level of viewing one piece at a time and see how things design themselves into fascinating forms and images.

Blessings from the realm of Infinite Possibilities.

 January 23, 2013 – Message through Mary Carol


Dear ones know that you are the presence of the living God – the power and the life. Accept this and live it. Trust and have faith as you follow your way – Spirit’s way – going forward into the eternal Oneness, the ever present Goodness.

You cannot deny the promptings of Spirit. Be deeply seeking meanings in the happenings of your life and the knowledge that is hidden therein. When Jesus spoke, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Light,” he was referring to the I AM – the Divine Spirit within, the Spirit with which he was filled. Your God self is the Way, the Truth and the Light. Allow it to light your life and follow your guidance that issues forth. It is the Grace of God.

We send our love to all of you, the Great White Brotherhood of Light

January 17, 2013 - Message through Mary Carol 


Giving generously of your time, tolerance, special talents, encouragement and compassion – and of course the divine Love within yourself. This is a way of loving yourself you may not have recognized. 

It is like your inner self appreciating you outer self. Know that you are living from your inner self when you connect deeply with another being – human, mineral, tree, plant or member of the animal/insect kingdom. Your inner self is your indwelling Spirit self, your holy place from which your guidance is perceived.

Gratitude, an aspect of generosity, is what you feel deep in your heart when you are being generous. It is that feeling of satisfaction in realizing that you are able to share your gifts with others without any idea of wanting or expecting reciprocation. It joins with your ongoing gratefulness for the divinely arranged blessings that you constantly receive in your everyday life. 

If you ever get the grumbles – find yourself having spell of grumbling (an aspect of ego) - just skip right over to gratitude. Turn the situation around to being grateful for something about the situation because there is always something – some piece of – the situation you are grumbling about that you can feel good about. Try it, you’ll like it! It will take you back to your wholeness, your oneness, to your true balanced state. 

Graciousness is also an aspect of generosity. You are filled with the Grace of God, the blessings of the Divine. Share it with others, let it flow forth and let it shine. That is when you exude generosity and bask in gratitude. These aspects warm your environment and spread out in waves to embrace all others.

Your continual awareness of these beautiful aspects carries you into blissfulness and the knowing that you are in the Divine Flow.

Love and Blessings are sent to you from your sisters and brothers of the Great White Brotherhood.        

January 3, 2013 – Message through Sue



Beloved ones, we welcome you to a new calendar year and hope that it will be a great year for each and every one of you who wish to change and evolve your present reality into one that suits more of who you have become today.

After all the hype, excitement and build up to the end of 2012 some of you may be wondering if anything happened at all! We wish to assure you it did, although it may not be perceivable, except on a very subtle level to some of you who are extremely sensitized and open to all the signs and energies available. It may have appeared to many of you that the day 12.21.2012 came and went and nothing changed. Well it did, and continues to do so. If you were expecting a massive bang and sudden change you received the wrong impression. We have been telling you over quite a long period of time that changes are happening gradually in order to allow each and every one of you to adjust in your own time without too much stress to your physical bodies and emotions.

We encourage you to not be disappointed beloved ones, you are metamorphosing slowly but surely and altering your perceptions and the way you react to certain situations. One by one and minute by minute you are altering your reality to be a more positive experience for everyone involved. Continue to know that you are holding the Christ light within for all those upon Earth that have no idea what is happening and who perhaps envisioned the end of the world with some kind of drastic ending. All endings are good, as when something begins to wind down in order to dissolve and disappear, the potential for a grand new beginning is always possible.

It truly is up to you to keep focusing on the desired results of this shift, and with each passing moment you will collectively come closer and closer to your goal which will continue to grow and evolve as you do. There is no beginning or end to your evolvement and enlightenment. From the moment you were born you began to evolve in new and different ways. So there is no beginning and no end, just a continuous and on-going evolvement which we hope will continue to travel in a wondrous direction.

When enough of you are able to hold the peace within no matter what, then you will know that you are making a huge difference to the whole. Continue to observe yourselves, and reflect on how you have been handling difficult situations, perhaps with family members over the holidays. Did you notice that you were able to handle these normally extremely emotionally charged situations with greater ease and you were able to keep your inner peace more easily than ever before? This, dear ones, is a sure sign that you are evolving and changing your old habits for new and better ways of living. 

We wish to congratulate you all on this particular issue as we know overriding old patterns and habits can be one of the most challenging feats to overcome. You see now how you have managed to raise your frequencies above the old plateau where the patterns resided, and are now able to rise above them with much more ease and grace. You will continue to observe yourselves and notice how in your everyday lives it all just seems easier and less stressful than in the past. These are all signs that you are changing and growing into the glorious beings that you are, here on Earth. We congratulate you on your marvelous achievements and wish to give you all encouragement to keep on keeping on and never to give up striving for a better life. The commitment of literally hundreds of thousands of light workers who were holding the intention to anchor more love, light and peace on Earth in numerous different ways made a huge difference, and one day we will be happy to show you how you overcame enormous obstacles to reach where you are today.

We love you and embrace you beloved brothers and sisters. We are your brothers and sisters from the other side watching over you and your wondrous transformation of self. The Great White Brotherhood of Light.  

December 30, 2012

Message through Mary Carol

fromThe Great White Brotherhood of Light  


 You are soon to enter a new year according to your present calendar. Great expectations are being voiced. They seem to be overly accentuated within the anticipated time frame. As you know, “time” is taking on an entirely new significance and an entirely new concept. What you refer to as divine right time is more accurate in estimating occurrences to come. 

Be at peace knowing that with the guidance of Spirit all is good order and feel Creator’s love enfolding you in all instances – in your waking moments as well as your sleeping ones. Significant changes and shifts are occurring upon Earth. Gaia is undergoing restoration. It is primarily an inside job with assistance from your friends in Inner Earth. Transformations are not always obvious right away as they are unfolding in their own divinely ordained timing.

Changes brought about from the interior of Earth are more subtle as they are occurring, and are affecting the exterior gradually and more gently than imagined. Little by little you will come to acknowledge the New Earth in process of developing. This includes more awakening of group consciousness.

Only certain areas of Earth are being populated by benevolent star people and extra terrestrial beings of Light who are assisting with the transformation. It is an ongoing process (and seemingly slow to you Earthlings at this point in your own transmutation process). Be of cheerful hearts and minds and remember, all in divine right timing. Your Great White Brotherhood sisters and brothers love you and protect you always. Be in peace.    

December 19, 2012 – Message through Sue


Beloved ones, you as the bringers of the new dawn are preparing yourselves from the inside out to create the reality you wish and choose to abide in. It is entirely up to your individual selves to create moment by moment the new beginning you wish to perceive from the inside out and the outside in.

We advise you to relax, take some time to just be and see and feel the beauty in your natural surroundings. Taking time to make these connections is important in bringing you back to the still point within, that will always return you to your natural state of being and wonder at all that is. As you stroll through the woods or by a river take a moment to stop, breathe and perceive all that surrounds you visibly and invisibly. You will be able to feel and see the life pulsing through every leaf or branch of a tree, but at the same time feel the calmness emanating from your entire natural surroundings. There is no rush or stress in nature, everything flows with what is and the energy of that moment. Keep remembering to bring yourselves back to the still point within, this will help you to keep focusing on what is important and what needs to be left behind to dissolve in the old reality. 

We wish you all a wonderful Christmastide filled with peace, love and the joy of living. Keep your hearts open wide and focused on that which is important and matters, allowing the rest to simply fall away. As your focus gradually shifts to your new reality your perception of life will begin to change rapidly as well. Be happy, light hearted and joy-filled beloved ones. We love and embrace you from far and wide, your brothers and sisters from the Great White Brotherhood of Light.​


Message through Mary Carol

from the Great White Brotherhood of Light


MARY CAROL: Beloved ones, you are entering the Age of Light - your our old life is dying and your new life is emerging. As you are being transported into a new era, it is essentially necessary that you leave your past behind you. Although it may want to travel with you, it is imperative to say no to it. Past remembrances, especially those of a disturbing or puzzling nature, are not allowed and not beneficial for your health as you travel forward without time constraints. There is no room for thoughts of the past. Stay in each now moment as it passes in a flowing rapid rhythm.

Travel forward with no burdens and you will become more easily en-lightened without restraints. One leg in the past (you only imagine a past) and one in the flowing now will not work. Let it go and let the Divine Plan move you where you are to be. You do not need baggage where you are going, only free hands with which to grab onto the next moment and the next and the next . . . Lighten up and keep moving forward and upward in your travels.

Divine guidance will direct you – no need to have a road map – trust and follow. In that manner it is easier for you to lead others in the right directions. Being led by Spirit is the safe and healthy way. As the ocean current carries you in the water, so the etheric currents carry you to your perfect destination. Inner peace is sustained by trust and faith. You are safe and protected beloved ones. Stay calm through the shifts and changes. They provide a readjustment period for your ascension into the higher dimensions where you are headed. Be a leader, not a follower and stay in the flow. Questions will be answered as they may come forth. Peace to you dear ones, your brothers and sisters of the Great White Brotherhood of Light. So be it.  

December 8, 2012 –

Message through Mary Carol from

the Great White Brotherhood of Light


One comes from the outside inward and the other comes from inside outward. One is the mind creating the outward perspective – the mental consciousness limited by what you believe you see. The other is the spiritual inner source of reality which only needs to be activated to allow perception of the true reality. 

The mind/consciousness of Source is where inner reality stems from. Perspective depends on your point of view, whether it comes through the worldly lens of perception or from the spiritual. Your thoughts and spoken words are affirmations that create your reality. Therefore your world is how you create it – beneficial or inhospitable. 

You are the creator because you are endowed with God power – the Love flows from Source through you because you are made of the same stuff. In truth you are God’s emissary given the mission of directing your world to its natural state of love, peace and harmony.

Reiterating the plain facts is to impress upon the thinking mind the fact that all creatively higher thoughts flow forth from the mind of God within you. Although parts of the eternal true reality may shift and change they too emanate from the same dependable Source. 

Using the metaphor of a mirror, the reflective side shows us the collective thought forms, and the perspective from the other side of the mirror formulates perspective from our inner state of being which is in-sightful. How you interpret what you perceive depends upon your beliefs, your faith in the highest good and the purity of your thoughts. Stay tapped in to your preferred reality (that which is kind, loving and filled with Grace) and you will thrive and help others to do the same. Each of you carries the brand of the Star Kingdom from which you have come, so there are various approaches to thriving, but all are based upon the same spiritual goodness and universal Love.

We love you and surround you with Light and Grace, your friends of the Great White Brotherhood of Light.

December 2, 2012 –

Message from the Great White Brotherhood through Sue


Beloved ones, as the world spins on in fast rotations everything is gradually come to a point of peaceful resolution and calmness. This is difficult for you to imagine as your days seem to be crammed with infinite things to accomplish and seemingly less and less time to fit it all in to the time frame available! It is a matter of sifting and sorting, that which is important and that which can be left until another day. Do not stress yourselves unnecessarily and take it easy! Rome was not built in a day and as long as you hold and keep the peace within, that is your main objective. Blessings galore surround you all at this time and the heavenly host watches as you move closer towards your goal and that which lies beyond.

Keep your hearts open and the love flowing, give support and assistance to others when needed and make this a time of giving and receiving more love than ever before. We hold you all in our infinite embrace and support you in this time where two vortexes of energy are coming closer to one another and will eventually come to a still point, to rest for a moment before starting a new cycle.

The Great White Brotherhood of Light.

November 28 - 30, 2012

Message from the Great White Brotherhood of Light -

through Mary Carol


Once again we wish to speak to you dear ones. We are here always present with you during this time of Ascension, yours and that of Gaia. The unusual events in the heavens are indeed essential to the unfolding of the Divine Plan. How fortunate you are to be here, aware and able to participate in these events. Your awareness and presence are greatly appreciated and so very necessary. 


Challenges build strength of mind, body and spirit. Without challenges of any kind you would most likely stagnate. Challenges ignite creativity and prayerful contemplation, and create opportunities for moving forward in consciousness. They foster brain cell activity which is good for ensuring healthy and strong mental alertness. 

Challenges illuminate introspection and encourage patience with a new perspective. Refrain from being reactionary as that would prevent the learning and growing possibilities within the framework of the challenge. Although it may not seem so at first challenges are gifts of choice where you may shift your reality and beliefs into more self-sustaining positions.

This present time is a period for changes and re-positioning of your life’s perspective and even of your life’s calling. Be awake to the energies and to what is actually transpiring.Be aware and opento receiving and accept both minor and major shifts of all kinds. 

Be aware of your dream time and your theta states in order to discern the messages – mostly symbolic and often geometrical and some seemly realistic although strange. There are messages here for you and some are brain puzzles helping you to re-balance and re-calibrate your energies throughout the shifting waves. It is important to step outside of the challenge and view it from an impersonal point of view. It may look very different and open solutions not thought of before.

 We send our highest blessing to you dear ones. We are the Great White Brotherhood of Light – your guides and protectors. 

November 21, 2012 – Messages through Mary Carol & Sue


MARY CAROL:Welcome beloved ones. Know that what you do to uplift yourselves is also absorbed by the web of collective consciousness. As you do, so it is done for others. The collective is advancing into higher dimensions and you, dear Light Workers, are leading the way – you are on the front line of the Ascension process. As you experience positive outcomes of your challenges and let go of outmoded beliefs and ways, others will pick up the beneficial energies that ensue, created by your evolving. The energies of the higher dimensions flow out from you into the collective web.

As you release outworn stuff, old ways of thinking, unhealthy beliefs, former modes of emotional reactions and whatever no longer serves your ascending selves, you are also healing the collective. Keep letting go and know that now is the time to let go and let God.

It is imperative that you release all fears around and beliefs in scarcity so abundance can thrive in your lives. Allow it to flow to you and know that it is available. Abundance is a natural status upon your Mother Earth. Adapt the assurance and understanding that all your needs are divinely supplied and that you are sustained on every level of being by your Mother Earth in her natural state. As she continues to recover her balance and well-being more and more you will find that this is so. Keep this in your thoughts and hearts: My heart is filled with gratitude in the assurance of divine supply.Assuredly, this practice will raise the vibration of abundance within all that is.

Know that we are supporting you with our love and light.

The Great White Brotherhood of Light



SUE:Beloved ones we greet you once again, and use this vehicle to impart our love, energy and wisdom to you. We are happy to see the results of the past weeks beginning to take a hold and you are anchoring well into your physical bodies, the new frequencies coming through the great central sun to the core of your beloved Earth. Take time to rest and integrate when you can, as sleep patterns may be erratic for some of you at this time. Even when you are unable to sleep deeply rest in peace and relax peacefully in a meditative state, this is just as effective as deep sleep and is a part of the awakening process. You are doing well!

From deep within in the core of the Earth the Mother of all embraces you, feel her love surround and fill you filling you to the brim with her unconditional love. Take a moment to feel this now. She is in deep gratitude to you for your gradual awareness of her needs and truly appreciates every step taken to reverse the past actions taken by an ignorant human race. She loves you and welcomes you upon her shores reminding you to be respectful in every way of your new and evolving earth. The more you love, embrace and consider her needs the more she will love and embrace you in every possible way. 

Grass will begin to grow once again where it has not been able to for centuries. Crops will thrive in areas where there has been no food or water for many eons. Everything will begin to evolve and change in a new and wondrous way with your assistance and participation. So consider deeply, what kind of a world do you wish to live in and be conscious of every move you make towards supporting or disregarding this point of view? Awakening, as we have told you many times before, is a gradual process that you are all growing into. As you awaken you awaken those around you, and so on and so forth. It is an ongoing process that continues into eternity. The learning and evolving never ends and that makes life extremely exciting and never boring.

Regarding your personal lives we hope you are beginning to feel the new born hope and peace arising within yourselves. Even though you do not know from whence it comes you are certain, somehow, somewhere and in some way everything is Divinely orchestrated and you are playing a piece in the grand puzzle called life. Even though you do not exactly know how the future will be, you have a sense of trust and peace that all will be well and everything is divinely orchestrated down to the last T. We assure you it is, but you are co- creating with the divine so your thoughts words, deeds and input are of utmost importance to bring forth into the physical that which you wish to perceive and experience directly in this moment now in your lives. Gradually you are all beginning to realize you do play an important part in this process and every single one of you makes a difference in one way or another, be it positive or negative! 

It is all an experience and can be changed in any given moment simply by your choice and choosing differently. We feel this must be so empowering for you to hear and to gradually know that you are participating in this grand design in some meaningful way and you wish to be the best that you can be and offer your greatest gifts to those around you. This is what life was always meant to be about, it was never about competition or fighting, it was always supposed to be a sharing of loving gifts given to each individual. Every one of you has certain gifts that you have cultivated over time, other gifts still lay dormant within waiting to be discovered and practiced. Be open to discovering the new that lies hidden within and ask to be shown through inspirations, visions and feelings what these gifts are and how you can cultivate these slumbering giants just awaiting to surface.

This, beloved family, is some homework until we meet again. We love you, we embrace you and offer you our wisdom and love continuously.

The Great White Brotherhood of Light

November 11 and 14, 2012 -

Messages through Sue and Mary Carol


MARY CAROL: Welcome beloved ones, we invite you to sit beside the bubbling spring in the Peace Garden. Drink of it from the golden cup beside the spring as it fills you with joy. Sit in meditation and enjoy the Joy bubbles that rise up from your heart and soul, shining down upon you restoring and balancing your energies.

In your own environment take time to see the beauty in everything; the beauty that is there for you to observe and take into your essence. Stepping out of the third dimension is just that - step by step - do not push the current. Take time to be on your own schedule in the flow of your essence as much as you are able and do as the spirit moves you.

Be charmed in your perceptions and create the life you desire. Each moment you are creating your life by your thoughts, by your actions, by your responses and by your observations. Slow down and walk your earthly path with reverence and thoughtfulness. Watch your step and proceed with love and grace. Do not jump ahead before you have completed the moment before. Use your peripheral vision and observe 360º. Take it all in, let it go and then move forward. 

We are by your side protecting and ready to lift you up should you stumble. Rapid changes do not require you to leap forward. Enjoy the dance at your own pace. All movement will not pass you by but will move with you as you gracefully advance upward into the new dimension where you are at home. Trust - trust your Self, trust your guidance, trust your protectors and trust your Creator.  

With confidence, listen to your inner voice as it is a direct channel to your Mother/Father God who will lead you to your highest good in all situations. As you confide in Spirit you release any fears and let go of uncertainties and let go of any holds on resulting outcomes. Seek answers within, allow them to flow forth and you will most certainly remember your way with confidence. Be at peace. We love you. Your brother Hilarion of the Great White Brotherhood of Light.  




SUE: Greetings, there is never a moment where you are not connected to the Divine. This is your natural state, so even when you are feeling un-centered and out of the flow of spirit you are still well connected. It only requires a quietening of the nervous system, the emotions and feelings and a moment to just sit and relax, be still and to take some deep breaths. If you sincerely ask and set the intention to have your frequency raised, you will receive immediate assistance from the angelic realms that will help to raise you up to a place where you feel more like yourself. We watch and see how the chaos of the outside world affects you in so many ways, and so we remind you beloved ones of this simple process that will enable you to come right back to center and release that which pulled you into lower frequencies. It surely is a walk on a tight rope and we offer you our assistance all the time, just ask and we will be there.

As we adjust the frequencies once again of our channel, we wish to take you on a journey to the star ship residing above your planet. It is one of the many that watches over you and monitors your progress. As we elevate your frequencies too we take you up in a spiral of light, and with every turn of the spiral your frequencies are increased and heightened. Take a moment to feel the difference and inhale some deep breaths as we adjust you all to our level of awareness, to give you a bird's eye view from our perspective.

We understand and know that the devastation some of you are facing at this time is difficult at best, but we urge you to all look at the positive side of the changes afoot. The old has to be dismantled and cleared before the new and truly Golden Age may appear. So, if you can, do your best to see this entire restructuring process as part of the cleansing and clearing of that which no longer can reside upon your precious Earth. She is crying out for your undivided attention, love, respect and honoring of her surface and inner surface world. The plundering of her precious reserves has to stop or the balance will be lost and that could be catastrophic. Begin to work with your host, the precious Mother, consider her when you are rebuilding your cities and towns. Leave room for plenty of green areas where the trees can grow and the Earth is also able to breathe. Please do not create concrete cities again. Use natural materials of which you have plenty and work in unison with the Earth.

We realize this is not just a personal issue but a global one that concerns your planning commissions and those that decide how, where and what can be built. Do not over populate one area, leave plenty of open green space for nature to have its way and establish the needed balance in regard to soil and air quality. There are so many areas to consider when reconstructing your homes and gardens. Allow room for you to grow either communal or individual vegetable gardens, think about returning to a more natural way of living in harmony and coexistence with the Earth. Consider your precious planet as a real live living entity that also would like to be considered when you are planning to build or destroy anything.

Every tree is a living being and when you cut it down without informing the precious tree of your intention it is amputated and its full life force and does not have time to retreat its energy before the chain saw appears and cuts its limbs off. Whatever you do in your garden consider everything to be a living entity that requires cooperation and consideration before pruning begins. Just talk to the plant concerned and inform it of what your intentions are and then and only then, begin to do what you need to do and the plant will pull back its life force from the area involved in the pruning and will not have to suffer the shock of having its limbs cut off in full bloom. 

Beloved ones, gradually you will all return to that which matters most and leave all the other distractions that do not serve you behind. It is a gradual process of awakening into the oneness and inter connectedness of all things, all life on and off your planet. What affects you, affects us as well, affects the Earth and so on. It is a never ending cycle of interconnectedness that when you understand and contemplate its entirety you will begin to be more considerate of every living thing seen or unseen.

From this place in our ship way above your precious planet, feel the love and the warmth that surrounds you, feel and see how everything is pulsing with light and energy, this is exactly the same as it is down upon the Earth, it is just that you do not perceive it as such at this time. In time, you will begin to have the ability to recognize the life force pulsing through everything. This alone will give you a whole new perspective of life upon your Earth. Feel the peace that lives here with us, even though we are many there is an air of peace that surrounds us. There is no rush to get things done, each being is in tune with his or her divine presence and only acts accordingly. This too is becoming more a part of your daily routine. When you connect consciously with your higher self you too go through your day in a state of gratitude and bliss where everything flows, synchronicities occur and you feel uplifted and extremely bubbly, uplifted and happy. This will be your state most of the time when you are able to hold the higher frequencies in your body all the time. The other unpleasant experiences will simply fall away and not be anywhere near your vibrational frequency or experience. So we wish to impart to you humbly how important your connection to your higher self is and how the main relationship in your life should be with your own beloved divine self. For when this connection is established and nurtured nothing can rock your socks!

We love you and we embrace you and hope you continue to enjoy your day elevated in the higher frequencies of love and light. Blessings until we meet again, your beloved brothers and sisters from the stars. Adieu. 

November 9, 2012- Message through Mary Carol


MARY CAROL: Good day to you, beloved ones. In our Garden of Peace we see many spiritual spiders spinning their webs. As they weave with their loving hearts joining strands of light into structures of infinite love, the sun lights up – enlightens – their work. Those who are attracted to and embraced by the love light are deeply touched by the Creator’s love streaming forth creating webs of connectedness. Those who are touched by the luminous web are sharing a Oneness wherein all are interconnected in peace. Peaceful hearts joined together create a peaceful world. Watchfulness and wakefulness, together with gratitude for all that is, create more webs of loving kindness.